Chilling studies show cold weather could increase stroke risk

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Overexertion with a snow shovel isn't the only cardiovascular risk during the winter.

When temperatures go down, the incidence of stroke – the country's fifth-leading cause of death – appears to go up.

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Health experts 'sound the alarm' on medical misinformation

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"Fake news" has become a popular term these days. But when it comes to medical advice, fake news can result in physical harm, even death.

The editors of more than two dozen cardiology-related scientific journals around the world published an editorial Monday to "sound the alarm that human lives are at stake" because of medical misinformation.

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Time is ripe for trying new fruits and vegetables

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The start of a new year is a ripe time to branch out – and try those fruits and vegetables you may have noticed but keeping passing by at the supermarket.

Perhaps the finger-like appendages of a Buddha's hand have called out. Or you've been curious about that one vegetable you don't know how to pronounce, much less prepare for consumption.

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