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rjrsm, May 11,  2018  7:40am EST

Acid reflux after an ablation

Four days ago, I had an ablation. Although it might seem early to tell, the EP and staff at NYU Langone Heart and Stroke Center said it was successful. As I have never had any major health issues, this was a big deal for me. In the months before, I had consulted with several physicians who all said the same thing, live with drugs to correct the afib, which likely would get worse, or consider an ablation. As I am in good health, I decided to take the chance with an ablation.

Recovery has not been bad. The only negative consequence is an increase in acid reflux. I've been told that the TEE test, annesthesia and ablation procedure can wreck havoc on the esophagus and stomach, so with proscribed medications I'm feeling some relief. I'm wondering if others have had an issue following an ablation procedure with intensified acid reflux?


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  • rjrsm
    rjrsm, May 11,  2018  9:11am EST

    Hi Cindy: What you describe is exactly what I've experienced and the same proscribed medications. The sucralate does work, but after eating there's that terrible acid pool in my throat and need to belch. In the past, Nexium 20Mg was the only thing that worked from my acid reflux. So, I'm reluctant to change to the protonix magnesium prescribed, but when I'm soon running out of Nexium and will try the protonix prescription.

  • CindyH9423
    CindyH9423, May 11,  2018  8:08am EST

    Hi and yes i have a problem with that also. Im 4 weeks out and still having problems. Its due to the catheters being so close to the esophagus during the procedure. The temp is monitored though. I was given an rx for protonix twice a day and now an rx for sucralate which coats the stomach. I also belch alot. Other than that ive been fine. I was told i could take zantac also. Im supposed to call them today to let them know how im doing. Its not a common problem but does happen. Good luck to you. 

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