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JudyMarie, January 31,  2019  2:51pm EST

Electrolyte Drinks for Afib?

During a recent afib episode, I was on the phone with my EP's nurse.  She mentioned that some of their patients claim that drinking Gatorade helps their afib.  I plan to question her further about this at my appointment next month, but in the meantime, I thought I might try an electrolyte drink - probably not Gatorade due to the sugar content, but something similar.  I was wondering if anyone has found this type of drink helpful in minimizing afib and, if so, have you used it on a regular basis, like daily, or just during afib episodes?  Thanks for any advice!

6 Replies
  • grey_one
    grey_one, January 31,  2019  3:47pm EST

    AFib is an electrical problem so it makes sense that consuming electrolites would be beneficial.  I have found taking magnesium and potassium supplements helps me.  In fact, I have not had an episode in over a year.  Keep in mind that each person is different and so results may vary as they say.  Dosage depends on several factors including your weight/size of person and presence of any additional health issues. 

    I also take a variety of other supplements and antioxidant powders but in terms of AFib I think magnesium and potassium have helped me the most.

    If you want to add supplements always start slow, perhaps even below the recommendation of the product manufacturer, to make sure there is no adverse reaction.  And most important of all, do some research on the manufacturer to make sure they are reputable to ensure a quality product remembering that generally speaking quality does cost more.  Others have made recommendations about magnesium and there is conference information under the topic Lifestyle Changes that I found helpful.

  • TexyMexy
    TexyMexy, January 31,  2019  6:49pm EST

    Thanks Judy...that makes sense.  There is another drink that they give babies Pedolyte or something like that and it has some mild electrolytes.  I might try some.

  • sls642
    sls642, February 1,  2019  4:42am EST

    I have to drink a lot of fluids because of my diabetes meds and Afib. Decent tasting diet drinks are hard to find. I don't care for carbonated ones. Aftertaste. There is a zero calorie Gatorade alternative called Powerade (I think) which is ok. I like the fruit punch. Hawaiian punch used to make a zero calorie fruit juicy red which was sold at Walmart that was pretty good but haven't seen it recently. Chic fil a diet lemonade in the best but pricey. Firehouse subs has a diet cherry limeade with zero calories and tastes great but the numbers say it has 100 calories even though it is on the no calorie screen. I was going to call Coke or Firehouse and figure it out. It tastes too good to be zero calorie so I am skeptical. 

    I can tell when I am  dehydrated. Start feeling crappy. Drinking a large glass of whatever and I start feeling better almost immediately. Have been through this for many years so I know what works for me. Hope it works for you too. 



  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, February 1,  2019  9:43am EST

    THis is old stuff, but for potassium, I like the Low-Sodium V-8 Juice.  You get some veggies, and they have replaced the sodium with potassium.  As for magnesium, several of us take 200+ gm. pills daily.  Be sure to get the chelated kind (e.g., Doctor's Best, etc.).  Otherwise, some folks have digestive problems.   And you are all correct is emphasizing the importance of staying hydrated!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • TomA3439
    TomA3439, February 2,  2019  6:31pm EST

    I like to take calm but I only take it once a day. When I am in A Fib I drink a tall glass of our good water and it goes away.

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