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You are very low risk ...

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Hello - my name is Jeff Boyce. I am 59 years old. (The picture below is from last year) I am married to the love of my life and have three adult children. I am in the best shape of my life and wear clothes that fit me when I was 18. My cholesterol is low / I don’t smoke or drink and eat clean.

I did a modified cross fit style of work out with treadmill and have an active job. Stress however has been a biggie ... but no so much that I did things to my body. Except of course pushing it too hard.

Today is one week since my heart attack.

As for me, I follow Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible. Several months ago in prayer the Lord told me to go to 2 Corinthians 5. It is a remarkable chapter that begins describing what a Christ follower can expect in this life and the next. And that a new body "tent" is promised. The chapter goes on and had some elements that made sense to me at the time but the beginning of the chapter did not. I asked for Him to reveal it to me. Now I know now He was preparing me.

Up to the weeks prior to the attack I had some of the best workouts I have had. My treadmill test was a record, my squats were climbing. I was in better shape than many people half my age. I was promoted at work. So, it was a real surprise to me when I started having chest pains.

It was a typical day where my wife and I woke up and spent some lazy time together. We took the week off from Church and went shopping for some fish for dinner and took a leisurely drive.

At dinner I started to notice some strange feelings. Some pressure in the back of my next - feeling a little hot. Some nausea like symptoms. It passed somewhat so I thought that I might have indigestion issues. A little while later it returned then this time a little more discomfort. Heat radiated, my arm felt funny it passed. I told my wife I needed to lie down. I checked my blood pressure - it was high. I had another heat wave - this time with a vengeance.

I put my clothes on told my wife to take me to the hospital.

We were there very quickly - (8 minutes she told me.) During the drive ... I prayed. While I was in pain and uncomfortable I was completely at peace. The 23rd Psalm was pushed to my mind. I now know what David felt when he thought that he was going to die. I asked God to heal me but if He did not I was ready - please take care of my wife and family.

As soon we got to the ER as they took me into a room where a team was waiting and went to work. They told me many things were going to happen in a very short period of time as I was having a heart attack. They said my EKG showed normal signs but the Dr. said he thought I was having a heart attack. Nitro pills, oxygen, IV's etc. It was happening quickly - I couldnt say that I was not scared but I was still at peace. Within a few moments I am in a place they called the cath lab. (I have not been in a hospital since I was 10)

They showed me 2 blockages in my right coronary artery. They inserted stents and the pain went away. They said everything went well. I was pushed into the ICU then they hooked up two drips and said I was going to be ok. They asked me about my history and were surprised at my answers. They congratulated me for getting there so quickly and said that I had minimal damage. I would heal and could be back at work in a week and expect to be able to do a lot of what I did before. However - I needed to take it very slowly.

I was able to go home the next day. Walking was a challenge. I was now on several meds and will be for some time. The team at the hospital saved my life. I am grateful - I called the nurse and gave her an emotional thank you. They told me to expect emotions (which I have) and this can be as much of a psychological healing as a physical one.

I am reading my Bible and studying verses on healing. I know as a believer I will not die one minute before I am supposed to so the reason I am here now is to live more for Him and less for me.

I am praying about now that this happened - what do I do? Like all of you I have a testimony to share.

I processed the emotions and even with my faith I am human. I cannot say that I have not had times of tears. I think because it happened so quickly and I was told, "you are very low risk. We will need to study more as to why." I am at a place of acceptance but clearly have only begun the healing process.

So, I began to study up on what happened to me, as I wanted to know why? I have learned that I might have some lp(a) genetics that have been with me but they are not sure yet. I spent a day or two on the couch and then started to walk. I was told "2 flights of stairs and you can have sex." :) Like a typical man I started on that right away. I was able to do that but clearly it will be a little while. Slow down tiger ...

I feel relieved I am not alone and also a little guilty about sharing my story so quickly but I think for me it is part of the healing process. I am moved by your stories and wanted to share my own.

I went outside to walk today and it was emotional. I cannot go very far when last week I could walk for miles and miles. I read one story from one gentlemen who said "don't focus on what you could do ... focus on what you can do." That prompted me to write. They said go a little further each day. It is going to take some time and I need to be slow. I watched Bob Harper videos and identified with him.

My journey is just beginning. I am following Dr's orders and I am grateful I am still here. I will be maximizing my time now to serve my God and my family. Like each of you, my story has a unique chapter to it now that perhaps can be used for good.

I am praying for everyone on this site whose stories that I read. I am inspired by each of you.

Thank you for sharing your stories and allowing me to share.

  • Salitria1

    Your story truly touched my heart Jeff. On my morning walk today as I prayed and spoke to God I thought about you and your situation. I’m reminded that God never leaves our side, and I know that he remains with us during the good and challenging times of life. May God continue to bless and keep you in good health!!!

  • JeffBoyce

    Thanks Salitria! I appreciate your prayers - my mission is to serve Him and if my story touches anyone I am truly blessed. May He bless you as well and give you good health.


  • JeffBoyce

    I just realized I had comments turned off - they are on now. Thank you for reading my profile and for sharing yours. 

  • BBlakes

    I was just recently diagnosed with heart failure on April 2019. I thank you for the powerful testimony it's so encouraging. I know that by the Power and Anointing of Jesus Christ we will both be okay. I stand on his promises. Be Blessed keeping you in my Prayers.

  • Esther355

    Your story sounds similar to mine.  I was in good shape for a 65 year old grandma before I had my heart attack.  They tried a couple of months to see if meds would control things, but that didn't work.  This week I had a cardriac cath that showed my right coronary artery 100% occluded.  They put in a stent, kept me overnight for observation and sent me home.  It's starting to sink in - the entire right side of my heart wasn't getting its normal blood supply.  The collateral circulation was keeping me alive.  I don't want to get over dramatic, but wow!  It seems like a miracle that I am alive and that my heart literally beats by the grace of God.  I know in a new way that God is not done using my life & your post and sharing 2 Corinthians 5 was very encouraging.

  • JeffBoyce

    Esther and BBlakes - thanks for your notes! I am praying for you both and am really encouraged by your comments. It has been a few months now and I am doing better and better. I completed cardiac rehab and have signed up for visitation ministry in my Church. I am pretty much back to normal.

    I am so excited to be able to be used by God with this new testimony He has given me. I want everything that has happened to be to His glory. For sure I have had some emotional ups and downs which I have been pouring back into the Word so that I do not listen to new lies that either I or the enemy tell myself. I am working with a counselor at our Church and went into a new Men's group only to learn that one of the guys in the class is 3 years from a widowmaker. He is an elder and about my age - someone who can help mentor me. What a wonderful God we have and serve.

    I was confirmed to have elevated LP(a) with which there is no targeted treatment nor does diet or exercise do anything. Statins elevate it but they blast down everything else which according to science takes most of the sting out of the LP(a) particle. Mostly - it is in God's hands.

    I was recently taken off BB b/c they were dropping my heart rate to the 40s and BP to 90/50 - so praising God for that moment. But ... wow new heart rates. I am going through I think a bit of a withdrawal period but it is much better now as I write. Last - I have learned alot about myself through prayer and meditation. I need to chill out alot more! This is the fun and hard part. Discernment and allowing Christ to change you from the inside out is a layer by layer process.

    Thanks to you both and anyone who reads my story. I am inspired and moved by all of you - God bless you and keep you well.


  • Rickdev

    God saved your life.I wish  your good health and happy life. We are all on the same page in a differrent way. Praying  is the best way we can help each other.

    My doctors are not able to find what is wrong with me. They gave me a medication for sudden palpitation. After taking it for about a year, I asked my  doctor if I needed to continue taking this medication. He said it would be ok to try without it and see what happens. So, I stopped it. That was the biggest mistaken. Now I have activities intolerancae and exercise intoralence which is becoming my a big issue because it is interrupting my daily life. I also have syncope and a  little wheezing sound when I lay flat on my back. I had a monitor which did not catch anything. I am so sad and disssapointed not sure what to do. I don't like the way I feel sick. I am a very activie person and could walk 15000/1600 setps everyday. Stopping the medication made things so messy for me. 

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