Feb 20
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WOW,can't beleive I have a Pacemaker ????

Her I am with a pacemaker/defib implant in my chest. A few months ago I would have laughed at such a thought. I thought I was a healthy 66 yr.old Alaskan. Active with my sled dogs, living a remote Alaskan life style. No real clear warning of what was to come. I was alittle tired over the last few months,but put that off as maybe showing my age.LOL Anyway,thanks to a good VA Doc,we found out that my heart has an injection fraction of 20-25%.....SERIOUS. Arteries are clear,so all they could do is go the pacemaker route.Have hade it four exactly 5 days and doing OK. Eating well and trying not to get depressed over this. My days of cutting firewood, building things around the property are on hold for now.
My first check up, post implant, is this coming Friday. Wish me well. Best wishes Tom in Alaska 
  • stache69
    I have had my pacemaker/defib for almost two years now and drove myself to the ER with a few doctors insisting I was in poor shape. Meanwhile, I was ready to walk out. My EF was 10 and I had no idea why with no prior problems and heart issues do not run in my family. I was a little short of breath with some edema around my ankles only. Angiogram was clear...no clogged arteries after they convinced me to soend a few nights and then I wore a life vest for three months before the implant went in. I have no idea why I have not been depressed ever but I am grateful to be alive and the final word was I caught a virus that went to my heart. STAY STRONG!
  • abnicolas
    I had my ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defribillator) a month ago and feeling good. I had my out-of-town driving last week, I guess I really need to slow down a bit. But I'm getting used to the gadget in my chest, my companion cardiologist on work 24 hrs. I always say, I am now fully computerized. Be positive and pray a lot!
  • cardio myopathy
    cardio myopathy,
    I have exactly the same thing only I have had my ICD for 9 years. Let me tell you I found the recovery time from what sounds like a "simple sugery" to be really long. It was probably 6 months before I felt fine again but now I feel great and have resumed most normal activities. I tire a little more easily than I used to and try to avoid really strenuous activities but I canfeel good and can do all the things I really enjoy. So "Hang in there!"
  • Lace
    God blessing Always
  • Infobug
    Good for you, it's hard to make changes when life deals you a low blow- but it is possible. My pacemaker works great although, Ido have to say that at 72, I've given up the dream of being an Alaskan bush pilot, but then again it was probably the left-sided paralysis caused by a stroke that changed that idea! Replacing the dream- I'm now planning to volunteer at the Port Townsend WA Aeromuseum helping to train teenagers to become.small plane pilots and mechanics. In other words, the Dream Lives... and yours will too, give it time!
  • curtiswood18atyahoo.com
    The depression part of thee heart events is the most poorly treated part of these heath issues! The drugs they prescribe also tend to have a side effect of depression, too. I have sought out personal counseling but your remote lifestyle may make that hard to get so keep on letting folks know about the depression because sharing and talking help it out immensely. You will get back to that firewood.
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    I wish you well! Always look on the bright side of life! I too have an ICD! Once it heals life does get better! You never forget you have one but it starts to make you feel safe for having one! I hope you have a good recovery!
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We have some excellent patient education information about implantable devices that i want to share with you. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/Arrhythmia/PreventionTreatmentofArrhythmia/Devices-for-Arrhythmia_UCM_301994_Article.jsp#.WKxnSm8rLIU Please let me know if this information is helpful or is I can research more for you. Best Katie
  • cdameron
    Good luck on your doctors appointment! Sometimes living in a remote areas is tricky... But you have gotten some good care and so you will find your normal. What I have discovered is that while we are all different, we all need to know someone cares. This is a good site to come to for support and encouragement. Blessings on your rehabilitation.
  • mingo1
    I live in the opposite end of the US in Phoenix. You are cold and we are way too hot. I had a defibrillator/pacemaker implant after a major heart attack in 1993 when they were place in the abdomen and were as big as a large cell phone. It has saved my life many, many times and sure, when it does go off, not pleasant but only hurts for and instant. Now have had five replacements as the batteries run out and now a small one under my clavicle. I worried some at first, but now am just blessed that I am here for myself and family. All these years and living a really good life. You will to and I say this to all my blogs on this site...LIVE STRONG. Send a reply if you have any questions. Take care.
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