Jan 8
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Winning The Stroke Lottery

I am the person that never wins contests, lotteries, or raffles. If there was a small chance of winning a given thing, I had not ever been the “lucky winner”. So when I had a stroke from an AVM that had hemorrhaged at age 25, imagine my surprise that I was the ONE in 200 to 500 people that are born with an AVM. The day of my stroke, I had just attempted to do a yoga move that normally comes easy. I felt as if I had no control over my body’s movements. Figuring I was just hungry I sat on the couch to watch TV while ordering Jimmy Johns. My phone screen, which I normally see perfectly, was totally blurred and out of focus. I was blind. My arms and hands did not listen to my brain. I considered for a moment that I had been drugged but took that off as a possibility since I had been completely alone for hours. I called my friend Lilly who I expressed to that I was blind and that something was wrong, that maybe I should head to the ER later that day if it didn’t get better. She told me she was on her way to pick me up to drive me to a nearby Urgent Care. Her bossy nature probably saved my life. At Urgent Care the nurse did typical stroke neurological tests, which I passed with high functionality, but she still thought I had a delay in the way I was performing the tasks. She strongly suggested I go via ambulance to the hospital. That was shocking to hear. The CT scan and MRI it showed I had an AVM. I had a craniotomy four days later. During my recovery at an in-patient facility, I learned to walk again, and began feeling my brain regain connections between neurons that had been lost to the stroke. The human body is truly amazing. My recovery became a time for reflection, to look at all aspects of my life and decide what is really important, wanting to surround myself with people that lift me up and bring something to my life, enriches it in some way big or small. I began assessing everything and seeing if I was making the most out of a second chance. I do consider myself lucky because I beat and survived a stroke and craniotomy, and pushed my mind and body to its potential until I regained the ability to walk and use the left side of my body. I discovered the strength of my own body and mind, and for that, I won the biggest lottery of life. 


    You have been blessed! There is more for you to do on this earth and I know you have been chosen for something very special. Keep moving forward with conviction and strength. YOu are a true survivor.....................
  • Bobcat
    I am learning to become unattached to the outcome of any life experience to witness it as an observed, and not identify with it… © ❤
  • steedo
    Hi coming at you from as far away as it gets ...Western Australia. Great story -sad and happy. Mine is similar and motivated ma to get moving on the blog I keep threatening to start. Ive just had a 12 month from diagnosis assessment after a brain stem blockage and I'm back in the top 25 percintile for all people at my age cognitively. I was devastated the my mind was affected at the time; I was [ bragging now] prior to the event in the top 3 percent. My immediate short term memory [Ram?] was shot -very slow to process unless I really concentrated. physically my right side was as we say down under 'cactus' [stuffed]. My recovery was thankfully remarkable thanks to the reading of Martin Doig's 'The brains way of healing' read in first week after event given to me by a close friend. I will do the blog which in essence will be about using what you have left and being positive and pro active right from the get go!! like I refused help in washing, shaving, dressing- a process that originally would take nearly 2 hours and leave me feeling like I felt in my adolescence after a full game of soccer! keep positive. Thanks 'Kowings"
  • Bobcat
    Thank you for your support!
  • beth64
    awesome thanks lottery blogger
  • deannalyle21
    You are blessed and a very special person to have survived a stroke.God,you and the doctors that helped are wonderful.Your friend was you angel. We all have this of life we are blessed. It does not matter to God if you believe or not,God believes in us. You are a very strong woman and great things are out there for you. You are so young and have a bright future ahead of you.You made my day and week.GOD BLESS
  • cowboysfan63
    Very inspirational and love your attitude!
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