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Widowmaker Jan6 2017

Well....it happened. On Jan 6th 2017 I suffered my first Heart Attack. LAD 90% blocked. I am 54 years old, ironicly the same age my brother passed away from his first heart attack. My father also passed away from his 3rd heart attack at 62 years old. A close friend told me it was almost like I was waiting for it to happen as I had always thought due to family history I would never grow old. Now that I have had my heart attack and survived unlike my brother and father, my friend said..."Well, it happened,you survived..now maybe you can get back to living your life and put those thoughts behind you." Great advise! I spent the last two week having a bit of a pitty party, questioning why me, what now, what next. Well, first of all I stopped the pitty party. I am so incredibly fortuneate that I survied realitively unscathed. I have wonderful friends and a wonderful life compaired to so many. I am signed up for 12 weeks of re-hab that will help me get back in the game. I am looking forward to the new me, the guy who got the second chance.yes
  • curtiswood18atyahoo.com
    That rehab is the best thing I ever did for myself, before or after the small heart attack. I used to think "small" heart attacks always happened to someone else but I too was lucky and survived. Same history as yours of men not living long in my family. I have found dealing with all the drugs the doctors want you to take has been the hardest thing since the event. Those side effects cause depression, constipation, you name it! One year anniversary coming up and I am still dealing with the drug side effects but no left over damage from the heart attack. Keep on keeping on!!!!!
  • terranovalaw
    I had a 100% LAD blockage at age 51..turn 54 in March. Unlike you, no family history. Very happy to hear you got treatment and survived. The rehab program is great. Do what those great professionals tell you to do. I did not have much of a pity party and it sounds like you have moved past that which is great. I was very active and generally ate well before my heart attack but have definitely improved on diet, portions etc. As previous commenter noted, the meds are tough to get used to but eventually you do. Every day moving forward is a gift. Enjoy, best of luck. Follow the instructions of your health care professionals and you will be fine.
  • pinkhelicopter68
    Congratulations! Cardiac Rehab saved my life! I'm coming up one year since my heart attack on March 5th. 47 year old female with family history and unhealthy lifestyle - no cigarettes since! Keep up the good work and stay positive! Hugz
  • ricker
    I can totally relate I was 58 when I had my first heart attack 100% blockage(stent placed), the mind does not shut off, the what if's...will it happen again...finally I have come to the resolution...make changes...enjoy life....no one knows when there time is up...keep on trucking...as they say....CB
  • eichardthestentman
    I had a 90 percent blockage with my Widowmaker cause someone had put the stent in wrong two years earlier. So i got two more stents. I had developed a great stent collection, I had 13 of them. In May 2015, I had my first heart attack and got Quintuple Bypass. I have been walking huge amounts about 7 miles a day. I lost 50 lb. There is a light at the end of the tunnel it's just up to you. I had pity parties while I was recovering but now I'm happy as a lark and so thankful to be here and thriving.
  • robinsaunders
    So glad that you survived. Cardiac rehab will be the best thing for you at this time. But that is only 12 weeks of your life but it is a start. This has to be an ongoing every week thing to do. You were Stopped up for reason, maybe lifestyle. I had five blockages two at 100% and three at 70% and I'm only 52. Talk about a double widow maker. If you plan to survive then I lifestyle change is going to have to happen. Mine was not a lifestyle but genetics. I am very fit and I have been on a clean eating regiment for many years. I don't even have history in the family. You have got to make this rehab a lifestyle and most importantly your eating habits are probably needing some cleaning up. By the way it's OK to have a pity party as long as you put a time limit on it! LOL. Good luck and message me anytime. I am a personal trainer and can give you some ideas of nutrition and exercise. Robin
  • owen148
    Jan1, 2017 at age 53 I had first and hopefully Last heart attack, widow maker. Was told it was 100% blocked and how luckily I was. It does play with your head but that goes away somewhat. Almost back to where I was physically When working out. Just keep pushing. Biggest problem I have is with adjusting medicine . Glad you are doing better!! Stick With it and don't give up.
  • Lorb
    So glad you are here and have that second chance!
  • JWills125
    I'm glad to hear that you're doing so well. I just checked out this site and I'm trying to figure out how to put in my story. It a very long one. Keep going and remember, One day at a time. Joan
  • shirleymom
    Congratulations! To give you some hope for the future, I had 6 bypasses in 2004 after a massive heart attack. I was 57. Now, 13 years later, I just turned 70 and I am doing great!! You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Know your limits and keep moving!
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