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I'm a 62 yr old Postal worker who planned on retiring early next yr. I can't say I was in great shape but I did go dancing every other week.  I'm not sure how to explain my stroke since many things make no sense.  My brain stem was clogged and they told me I had injuries to the rear of my brain as if I had fallen.  The Drs even asked me 3 times if I had taken blows to my head which I didn't.  The MRI & Cath Scan showed injuries that had to be operated on ASAP.  We finally were told it was Basilia Artey Thrombosis caused by plaque clogging by brain stem.  They installed a splint opening up the area back to at least 33%.  They went through my hand to get to my brain. I spent a week in the hospital followed by a week in rehab.  I was not the best patient, I had to be strapped down twice for trying to get out of bed.  I'm not the type to just lie there & die.  I must not be normal cause I've been home for 2 weeks and I'm ahead on my rehab, Im walking, talking normal, & not a lick of memory loss.  I need to know if there's anybody else out there who has recovered from a stroke in a short period of time.  My only problem they can see is lack of full balance and strength loss on my right side.
  • ucoctypist
    I am a 59 year old medical transcriptionist. I had a stroke 4 months ago and didn't know it. I woke up on a Saturday morning with the room spinning. I went back to sleep, and when I got up later that morning, I had a horrible headache and occasional dizzy spells. The headache never went away and I had dizzy spells off an on during the day. The following Friday morning I had another room spinning episode that last several minutes. It scared me, so I went to the doctor. She sent me for CT scan which showed that I had had a stroke, which the neurologist later said was a week old (the first time I had the room spinning episode). They also did a carotid ultrasound and found that my right carotid was 90% blocked. I had to stay home and rest for 3 weeks before I could return to work. I only worked for 2 weeks and then they did a carotid endarterectomy where they cleaned out the blocked artery. I was home for another 3 weeks and then returned to work. The only residual I have is dizziness, for which I take medication. I also am walking and talking normal, and all my co-workers cannot believe that I ever had a stroke.
  • Annad
    Thank goodness for both of you recovering so well. I only had a TIA but it sure felt like a full blown stroke especially when my legs went out from underneath me. It took 6 hours or so ......not sure of timeline before my legs came back. My head was still fuzzy & woozy but I was able to comprehend the doctors and nurses. Stayed 1 week in the hospital, more tests than I can remember but that's ok. Keep up the good health!
  • Layla8
    I had a stroke on the right side of the brain May 27. It started with a terrible headache that I thought was just another migraine, since I get them often. But as the day went on I was dropping everything and falling,. I went back to bed and a friend called and said what is the matter, you are slurring your words. I didn't realize it. Still ignored in went to bed early. In the morning my husband noticed my mouth drooping, and still dropping everything, went to the ER. MRI showed a stroke. During hospitalization, and tests, found out I had a hole(PFO) in my heart from birth and another clot(DVT) in my leg. Did not need any therapy when I got out of the hospital. Doing everything I did before. Just need to find out if they are going to close the hole or stay on blood thinners the rest of my life. I am 63 yrs. old.
  • Revirginiades
    I'm going thru a phase or decline, I believe I had another Tia,really weak,fuzzy head slow pulse(35-40)doctors seem to ignore this some j try to do the bes t I can.had a halter monitor for a day haven't had no feedback.I just prepare to die whenGod gets ready for me I'm tired of being a bother to people.
  • Revirginiades
    I really need to no join a stroke support in my city.Columbus,ga,please help.deep depression,
  • Trina721
    Hi! I'm a 52 year old stroke survivor who have also had issues with my brain stem. I have had many strokes, 7 to be exact! I remember going to TMJ doc appointment once, I had had a CAT scan two hours before my appointment so while I was in the room with the doc the phone rang, the call was concerning my scan, I got this feeling that the call was about me and it wasn't good! But I had no idea what? When the doc got off the phone he says to me "the CAT Tech says that you have had a stroke!" I had no nothing! He told me when I had it according to the scan and the traces of blood that showed up. He told me that I needed to go to the Hospital, I said "what for?" Needless to say I refused and didn't go, I figured it happened without my knowing so what the heck! The doc was pretty worried, so much so that he called me at home later that day , but I did not show any sign that I had had a stroke, until I had another one!
  • Bevrly
    Sorry to hear about your problems. My husband had knee replacement surgery and got a blood clot leading to a stroke. He was still in the hospital when he had the stroke. He was paralyzed on his whole left side. I was able to get him in a very good re-hab hospital. He was there 6 weeks and he was able to walk out with the use of a cane. He got back to almost what he was before the stroke but had problems with his balance. Several year later he got Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimers which was so much worse than the stroke. If you can join a stroke support group do as it will help a lot. I still belong to the one we joined after my husbands stroke. He passed away 7 years ago at 82. Just don't give up and remember God is there for you. Praying or you. Beverly
  • NE
    All I can say is praise the Lord and give him the Glory.. God has allowed you more time here to his work.
  • jlee
    I am a 41 year old and I had a minor stroke in the lower part of my brain stem on the left side in late march resulting from a chiropractic adjustment. I had very bad vertigo and could not open my eyes for 5 days while in the hospital. I also had double vision which has improved significantly but prevents me from returning to work just yet as reading is problematic at time. I also had numbness and weakness on me whole left side so I had to relearn to sit up, stand etc. I was in a care facility for 2 weeks after the hospital. When I left the care facility I could walk with out a walker a little bit. Today I can run 3 miles, I just started playing tennis and I tried biking but fell off so too soon for that. Given my age, and I was in great physical shape I have recovered very fast in fact if you saw me you would not tell I had a stroke. What I have left is vestibular, balance issues and vision issues that are all getting better but at a much slower pace than the physical improvements. I keep a journal to see my progress and still attend vestibular outpatient therapy as well as physical therapy but those are winding down. I am glad you are doing so well! I am not sure how long ago you had your stroke but mine is still under the 6 month mark so I am told my vision will improve but I have had 2 eye exams already and had different prescriptions each time. I did order new glasses but will likely need to again after the brain swelling subsides.
  • Stroke Of  Good Lluck
    Stroke Of Good Lluck,
    Important thing is that you can write and talk about it. You sound like me, less than a docile patient. No doctor, so won't try to comment on procedures., However, while you probably won't ever get full balance back, you'll get most. Time and balance exercises will do it. But, strength loss will mostly return - but you've got to exercise daily (a physical therapist can give you a regimen) and have a physical avocation (usually a sport). You might take a peek at my blog: http://livreordieastrokeofgoodluck. It'll tell you a lot about how to come back to a good life Dick Burns astrokeofgoodluck.com
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