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My name is Yvette Samuels and I am a 51 year old female. In March of 2015, I had 3 heart attacks and a stroke that night. As the months went by, I have had several mini strokes. I went home in June of 2015 after some rehab and 1 week and a half after arriving home, my lungs filled up with fluid and my heart stopped and I have to be revived. I have had may mini strokes after that and I fell in the shower and messed up my spine resulting in a spine surgery. After all of that, with the help of God, and my trips to nursing homes and rehab, I am proud to say I am now in my own apartment and getting my Independence back! and just to confirm that,  I now live on Independence drive!
Hard work, and changing my life style has saved my life.
Eating right and exercising has taught me that it is never too late to correct your mistakes.
I have been given a second chance at life and I am taking it.!

I am very thankful that there is a site like the American Heart Association I can go to and get words of encouragement and help for people to get my life back on track.
If I came all this way after all that has happen to me, you can too.  We all need to support one another and remember....

Thank you,
Yvette Samuels
  • JJR
    You are such a strong and determined woman. I don't know how you find the strength and desire to fight thru all that life has challenged you with . I had an unexpected Herat attack and died in a restaurant Jan 15. They brought me back after stent , induced coma etc. my doctor put me on over 16 heart drugs I am 5'O tall and weighed 100 lbs. The doctor had me on so many drugs I was continually hospitalized every 2 months at 2 weeks at a time.. because my blood pressure was so low.. 4 Stents later.. i went to another doctor who tod me all the drugs the idiot dr. Had me on all lowered my blood pressure . When they took me off all the drugs my blood pressure went nsck up to normal. I was told I mrrf a difibulstor, a heart transplant etc. when it was the drugs. Because of the doctors ( several) never looked at the drugs causing my problem and my subsequent hospitalization every 6 days for 2 weeks at a time, tortured by needles, hospitalized and overdosed .. I lost my 35 year old business business I worked my ass off to build.. lost my 20 year relationship , my health and my will to live. I marvel at your strength but I have no trust in the medical field and won't let them touch me anymore. I am at peace with the knowledge I can have another heart attack and it may be fatal this time. I applaud you for your zest for life and your perseverance .. I am 2 years after my attack 1 1/2 years being tortured by the incompent doctors.. I give up and am ready to give up and if this next heart attack kills me I am ready to go. Good luck on your recovery! I hope u have a better experience than I have.. enjoy your life..
  • steedo
    Well done keep on going you are a champion ..... rely on yourself ; I think God is a bit hit and miss but self drive, courage and grabbing all that one can from life is where its at
  • Courtney
    I received positive energy from your post Yvette Samuel. Thank you so much. I'm recovering from an ischemic stroke, truly need to hear encouraging words. Again Thank you so much Yvette Samuel.
  • Treehouseking
  • shirleymom
    Wow! You are looking to us for support when you are such a shining example of someone who loves life! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story -- and it's not over!
  • lsutton77
    God bless you Ms. Yvette, your words of strength have lifted me up regarding my sister Christine who has suffered a massive stroke on the right side of her brain. Ms Sister can talk or walk right now but I believe in gods miracles and know that god will give my sister back her voice and will help her to walk again. God be the glory amen.
  • AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail
    AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail,
    Such an amazing story to share Yvette! You've been through it all and it makes me so happy to see that you are able to live a good, balanced, and healthy life for your self. I wish you all the best! Best, Sarah
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