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What will be next?

May 3, 2016, my husband who just died last year's birthday. I woke up about 7 AM, and had coffee as always, started to notice my right hand was numb and right cheek felt odd. I live alone so I talk to myself out loud a lot to just hear a voice in the house.  The numbness had passed and only lasted about 30 seconds.  About 5 minutes later it happened again, I was thinking I must have slept on it wrong.  This also lasted about 30-45 seconds, nothing to worry about. Poured another cup of coffee and after finishing it walked to the sink to rinse out the mug. Numbness started up again about 9:30 AM, I thought...and spoke outloud...what is going on?...except I heard wabla, gopping..etc. Started to think it might be the start of a mild stroke. Called my health insurance company (didn't want to talk to the doctor, Humana has a nurse on call at all hours).  She advised me to call 911, not me...I'll call my doctor's office. They also advised me to call 911.  I called my sister and asked her to come over as soon as she could, no details, just come over.  When she arrived I asked her to drive me to the hospital, I told her what happened while driving, a bad move, she got very nervous even with me talking fine now.  ER nurse had me come to back to have pressure and pulse tested. They were a little high but not horrible.  Brought me into the back had an IV put in,  MRI, CAT scan w/wo contrast, and a few other tests done. Left in hall for a few hours, about  8PM I asked the nurse if I could have some water, I hadn't received anything since I arrived at 10 Am.  She was shocked and microwaved a TV dinner for me and got my drink of water.  I have proximal Atrial Fib, mitral valve leakage, and RA since I was 55.  One of my doctor's took me off the whole aspirin that I was on for over 10 years, about 3 weeks before this happened. Long story shortened, I'm now on Eliquis, Sotalol, and Crestor. I was sent to a neurologist who did an EEG and found a blue vein in my frontal lobe and he has no idea what it is.  Since my numbness  continued happening on and off for a few months he put me on Keppra (for seizures which is what he thought I was having).  About 3 days after starting that I started having hallucinations. I had large pink spiders coming down from my ceiling, on and off for 3 days. I also had black flies, honey bees and other bugs landing on me. Didn't seems the least bit odd to me. Called the exterminator and he came in and sprayed my house. Started to see people come out of a car in front of my house, walk across the street and then disappear, multiple times. I realized this wasn't normal so I called the doctor. He had me come in and lowered dosage on Keppra   The doctor dropped my dosage again at my request in October 2016,  Here it is March 2017, I still don't know what I had, they ruled out stroke, TIA and they think seizures are out of the picture. Having another EEG done in a few months to check the blue vein they found and see if it's grown at all. Patience is a virtue that I think I'm  losing...take care.%u200B %u200B
  • arnieandcaroline13
    pabaker49 i have afib Bipolar and PTSD from Military do you go on Facebook not to much but God is good he will take care of you.
  • AlmostOut58
    Eliquis is a very nasty drug. Look it up. I cannot remember what all it does. But I do remember one drug that can cause hallucinations. My husband cannot take warfarin and others. They have a bad effect on him. So they put him on eliquis. He has very bad nosebleeds. Eliquis can do this also. And use of It can cause people to bleed and die. And, if you are on it long enough, the damage it does will be irreversible. That is the problem we have now. Eliquis also has lawsuits all over for it being so bad and causing deaths. Look it up. It is scary. We are trying natural blood thinners. ( google those words too. ) As in foods and some spices. Very good and no side effects. Study it. There are many foods , nuts and fruit juices out there that can do this.
  • AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail
    AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail,
    I would suggest keeping a daily log of what you are experiencing so that when you touch base with your doctor it will be easy to see what side effects you are having.
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