Dec 24
Raiz_Ali , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

What To Do Immediately/Urgently to cope with a Heart Attack ?

Today when I was in consultation again with my Cardiaoligist some new angles were tossed out and I would love to share those with all of friends here. Please note that Im not a doctor and every thing I write here is with good intentions and bonafide.
My Cardialogist advised me that if and when ever a heart attack happens to any one which is endorced by ECG or Cardio Enzyme or other tests ,whatever available , the ideal Scenerio is to get the Stenting Process done WITHIN 90 Minutes of start of clot pain and blockad because that is the time in which no harm is yet done to heart muscele,s whatsoever.
And if that is not possible like you are at a distance far away from Angioplasty centre your Clot blocking an artery and fresh blood supply to your heart muscles must be dissolved through Intravaneous Medicines like Streptokinase or Haparine, you know. And ideal time to do that is Within 6 Hours of Start of the pain.
So folks , never take a chance to move to a very High-Fi, Top Notch, famous type of Hospital and waist your time. Just get it done as soon as possible at your earliest possible mediacal facility to avoid any damage to you heart.
Luckily my closest hospital point had All Angioplasty facilities lying with them and they offered me to get stenting done after my Angio grammes but I was so perplesxed and confused along with my attendants , my cousins and brothers that they immediately refused to get this done. Infact they also refused to get me injected with clot dissloving injections.
Instead they immediately picked me up to take me immediately to the best of the best Cardio Specialised Hospital at a distance of half an hour drive from the first one. We should not have waisted even that half an hour. Any ways they managed to give me 4 tabs at time along with I think Dispirene to give me some time relaxation to move to the biggest specialized hospital. Even there they refused for Stenting and permitted mediacal staff to get me Injected with Streptokinase . Luckily every thing was managed within two hours of start of the pain and Hi-Fi Hospital (Punjab Institute of Cardiaology, Lahore, Pakistan ) declared me to be a Clot free person in next 15 minutes or so thereby avoiding any damage.
Two days,, after my Right Conronary Artery was fixed with a stent to get the things on straight line and now Im in Rehabilitaion Process in Company of you people preparing for your Christmas Celeberations.
Such an Intruder I am to you here ....Lolz
So, Please never waist your time while thinkig or deciding , go for angio plasty within 90 Minutes if possible.
  • YukonDenis0n
    You certainly were fortunate to have so many opportunities for excellent cardiac care and to have your caring family involved in your rehabilitation! I was glad for the immediate heparin treatment in August. and then a next day cardiac catherization with two stents in my right coronary artery also, I was surprised with more chest pains 18 days later. Back home after four admissions because of false positive cardiac enzyme tests because my cardiac muscle includes variant enzymes which test too vigorously with the handy dandy testing systems sold to hospital laboratories. The cardiology team in December looked at my really good heart performance on cardiograms, and sent blood samples to two other hospital laboratories to test with newer systems which showed my cardiac enaymes were in normal range. A continued diagnosis of cardiac spasms, aka angina, resulted in additional medications. Introduction of a new medication resulted in nausea, vomiting, and fainting while in the hospital, unexpectedly unattended. Fainting alone, I apparently fell to the floor. I woke wondering as I awoke where I was...on the hospital floor! My forehead felt sore. I got to the patient alarm just as a caring nurse ran into my room, signalled by a "blip" on my heart monitor screen in the patient monitor room. We all learned that my older digestion could not tolerate many medications given on an empty stomach early in the morning! I had to stay a few more days for observation limited to my bed unless a caregiver was helping me. Now at home, I feel fortunate to be alive and independent! Namaste'
  • wajidu
    Assalam o Alaikum... ALLAH aapko apne hifz o aman main rakhe.... I am totally agreed with you that Primary PCI is providing very good chance for survival in case of STEMI.
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