May 30
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Hi, my name is Ray and am a heart Valve Ambassador. Welcome to the Support Network. Glad you have come to our community.

I, like many of you will, or have already, made the successful transition from frighten heart surgery patient back to the person with a normal life again. I thought prior to my major open heart surgery that I would never be the same. That life as I knew it was a thing of the past. Well, I was wrong. Heart surgeries, in most cases are very successful, and the full recovery rate is very high. Although never easy, recovery is far from impossible. 

I took things a step at a time. I learned about the drawbacks, or side effects, that I would have during recovery and watch them come and go as my doctors said they would. One needs to find doctors they trust and then believe what they tell you. One important aspect of recovery is being pro-active. As much as I disliked the things I was required to do during recovery, I did them. For me, not doing them was not an option. I got some advice in the hospital from a nurse that said, "Ray, just remember, time is always moving forward." I used that as my mantra during recovery and it worked. Several months later, with some hard work, and a not-too-drastic lifestyle change, I was back doing all the things I had always done. Surgery had also given me a change to re-invent myself. To become more physical active.

I hope, whatever your condition is, you take advantage of this support network and it's dedicated community of support. The people here have gone through real life situation and speak from experience. All the ones I know are doing well. Their recovery successful. 

Again, welcome to the support network.



  • Tinkerbell54

    Ray I'm glad your doing well.


  • BlueRose

    Ray, thank you so much for sharing your story. It is encouraging to me. 

    God Bless you.

  • ricbruce

    Thanks Ray.  Your story is very encouraging ansd I needed to hear it as I just had open heart surgery August 1 and sometimes feel that my life will never be the same again.


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