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Unplanned open heart surgery

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I went in for an ablation to eliminate atrial fibrillation.  The EP cardiologist allowed someone else to do the procedure.  That cardiologist punctured my heart and thought he punctured my aorta.   I went into impending cardiac collapse.  I was rushed to open heart surgery.  During that surgery another error resulted in an AV fistula which required another surgery to repair.  Medicare did not approve of Cardiac Rehab since I had not had MI or by-pass.   I was on my own to recover at home.  It was 3 months before I could get out and do anything.  I still tire easily.

Has anyone else had an ablation that resulted in an open heart surgery?  And what is the typical recovery time for open heart surgery?


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  • JamesPL

    Hi Oliver,

    I have had open heart surgery and I can talk about my own experience of recovery but I think that time really varies depending on each person's condition, health, etc. I was a runner before (and now after) my surgery and was told that because of it, it would help my recovery. That said, it took about two months before I was able to get some quality time on a treadmill and about four months before I was able to "jog" outside. But really, I don't think I was feeling like reaching normalcy until at least six months. I have a friend who had the same procedure and was a smoker beforehand. His recovery was considerably longer. I can tell you that for both of us, we did eventually return to our normal routines feeling like we did before we encountered heart issues. Hope this insight helps. Good luck.

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