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Turn Off Life Support?

A close friend who had a stroke five days ago, who initially showed some progress but whose condition worsened over the last three days, is currently on life support. In the first couple of days he was communicative. However he is now in an induced coma and unresponsive when they periodically reduce the medication.

They are planning to remove life support tomorrow and expect the outcome to be fatal.

%u200BI read an article that suggested that life support should be maintained. That caregiver pessimism can lead to withdrawal of life support in cases were outcomes could have been acceptable if maintained.

%u200BDoes anyone have any experience in this? I would appreciate any advice.received. I have to speak with the family tomorrow and unable to decide whether I should bring this up.
  • Steffy 1964
    Steffy 1964,
    There is always hope in any situation..
  • patpc72
    There is always Hope that he will recover. My mother in-law was also in this position just a few months ago. The family and visitors all wanted to see her alive and well again; but she remained un-responsive. So, we prayed even more, and then gave the doctors permission to take her off life support. I hope your friend wakes up. God Bless you.
  • Angie66048
    In Oct. 2016, unfortunately, my sons and I had to experience the same thing with their dad. Having a basilar stroke at age 53 and 10 days away from retirement all you can feel at the time is this can't be happening, then a denial stage that they will be OK so you plan what you'll do to help during their rehab. Then finding out in the third day that you have to discuss maybe the discontinued life support. That's when the craziness sets in. I was calling all his relatives, his workplace, my sons, and trying to stay calm to express to come now while they're still breathing... We had over 300 visiting the room like Noah's Ark walking two by two into his room. The hospital couldn't believe it. He was dearly respected and loved. It as my sons who made the decision but to do this task they left all the hospital madness and went into the home to feel all his life and collections that meant so much to him. Always get the possible info from the doc should they may live. Have doc set in a private conference with the family because they may need to be moved to hospice. After moving to hospice, we only had 7 1/2 hours before the passing. It's a rough decision all through the process but family needs to make that decision. As I told the doc, the decision is not a one person decision; it's a family decision. We are Selfish humans at times and especially during these situations; wanting the sick to live with us and not let them go. If you believe in God and the protection of the soul then make sure Clergy visits them before any life support is removed. Even if someone has luv a good life it can ease your mind that the soul will be in great hands. Whatever your beliefs are it good to have that Clergy visit. Some things we have to do for them but actually, it gives us peace so I hope this helps in family decisions.
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