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trying to live a long & happy healthy life with CHF

Where do I start? 38 years ago I was born with a childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. At the age of 5 years old I was in remission. 20 years later I gave birth to my son and the month following his birth I was in congestive heart failure with an EF of 13%. After alot of hard work and determination I got my EF back up to 55%. When then were told we could have more children. Well, as soon as we started to ween me off my Coreg my EF dropped to 20% quickly. At that point we knew no more children and chose to adopt. in 2011, my cardiologist suggested I have a defibrillator implant put in to my new PVC (premature ventricular contractions). all went well for a few years and in 2013 I was back in heart failure with an EF now at 35% the doctors recommended I now have a bi-ventricular pacemaker put in. I have been doing good and now starting the process of a possible heart transplant after a recent visit to the hospital and finding my EF at 15-20%. 

So as a mother to two beautiful children and a very supportive husband and many supportive friends, I have made it my goal to live as long as I can living a happy and Healthy life. It was definitely a shock to hear the words heart transplant. 
  • stache69
    PLEASE share with us living with CHF how did you get your EF back up to 55%. Try to be as specific as possible so WE can benefit and try all that went so well for you. Thank you
  • AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail
    AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail,
    Thank you Kmwing718 for sharing your story on here. I love your positive outlook on everything and your resolution to continue to stay and find happiness. I wish you all the best. Sarah
  • Lace
    Thank you for sharing your story God Blessing Always
  • leesampson
    Stay strong a good supportive spouse makes a giant difference. Best of luck prayers to you.
  • mingo1
    I have had a defibrillator/pacemaker since 1993. Some shocks, but none for over a year. They are really life savers. I have an EF of 28% and seem to do most everything as heart's seem to heal themselves. I have also been advised of a possible heart transplant and for about a year, was very depressed. Now I feel blessed for these many years of life and will just do whatever the doctors say. At 69, I am getting pretty old to be on the transplant list, but do not worry about it. Hang in there and enjoy life and LIVE STRONG...
  • Angie66048
    Wow, you sound like my experiences with cancer and heart issues. I've had a pacemaker defibrillator since 2014 and it activated the first time on Sept 2, 2016. It was a shocker; pun intended. When we live life with only 20% EF, you've got to have a very good sense of humor. I know a heart transplant is in the future but I feel as you do. Live a happy healthy life and I don't know your beliefs but I've put it all in the Greatest Healer's Hands. When I do that, my heart feels so good like I'm normal and really healthy again. My prayers for you to have a strong heart again and God gives you the blessed life you deserve. Amen
  • Christie1m
    You have been through so much in your 38 years. May 2017 bring you joy and better health!
  • cdameron
    We all have a frame of reference for the shocks that come with heart disease. But yours is far and above what most of us suffer. I definitely put you in my prayers and hope your outcome improves daily. One more mountain in a horizon that seems to have too many mountains. May you be lifted to the top of each. I have nothing wise to tell you other than you have done such a great job of persevering through your life. Carry on by all means!
  • Inspired2be
    your an amazingly brave woman thank you for sharing your story .Love makes all things possible and it sounds like you have an army of love soilders supporting you Keep that survivor mentality your going to get through this!
  • brith
    Heart transplant - not to worry. At 59, after an attack that was 'off the scale' my EF was less than 20% (whole front face of my left ventricle was destroyed). Seven months after being placed on the list I received a heart. I am now 72 and limited only by what the rest of my body will tolerate. Strange as this sounds you have a great advantage over me - you know what caused your heart problem. You have experience. Doctors never figured out what caused my attack so every day is a guess. Just think - when people ask 'how are you doing?' you will be able to say 'every day is a good day.' Dennis
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