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So my name is Becky ringer I live in a small town in Missouri. My story I was jumping on a trampoline with my sister. I was a healthy 5 year old jumping on the trampoline I did a belly flop and I knew something was wrong  but I was 5 so I go in to my mom and tell her I was a drama queen and she knew nothing so she told me to go lay down I did I went to sleep.. I remember my dad waking me up telling me he got ice cream I tried to get up and just fell then my parents eyes got really big they scooped me up brought me to the nearest hospital they were dumbfounded so they sent me to a bigger one in St. Louis it took them three days to figure out what happened to me I had a massive stroke at 5 like it wasn’t supposed to happen. Now that I’m 29 still dealing with affects of it, and not having anyone I can relate to and when I talk about it to anyone it’s like I’m speaking a foreign language I struggle on the daily with it I don’t remember ever having a right side that worked it’s super hard. 

  • Blaire86

    Wow sounds like your a miracle too. You have a unique story just like me. That did not happen to me nor what I ever had a stroke but I have had heart failure and 3 open heart surgery's and when I talk to most people about it, I feel the same way it's like speaking a foreign language. Thanks for sharing 

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you for sharing with us! Best Katie


    Thank you for sharing your story, pretty lady! You are truly a miracle! We are here for support! Although I was 47 when I had my stroke, I can still relate to how you are feeling. Please do not hesitate to reach out when you need someone to chat with!


    Take care of YOU! xo


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