May 30
SergeantSue , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Three strikes--and I'm still not out!

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I have survived not one, not two, but three deep vein thrombosis events!  The first DVT was diagnosed when I was just six weeks pregnant with my third child, so I was treated at a high-risk pregnancy clinic by OB-GYN who specialized in these types of medical challenges.  Throughout the entire pregnancy, I administered heparin injections three or four times a day.  My son is now 29 years old, and I am happy to report he is healthy! The second DVT was 12 years later, and I was treated with warfarin for six months and then went happily on with my life.  The third DVT occurred just five years later, and again I was hospitalized and then treated with warfarin, only this time I was on warfarin for five years.  My doctor did decide I could go off the warfarin if I underwent a panel of blood tests to determine if I had genetic predisposition or other inflammatory markers that would require me to remain on the blood thinner medication permanently.  To my great relief, the blood tests all came back negative.  I have been warfarin-free since 2009 and absolutely no issues.  Of course, I do take precautions such as wearing support hose when I'm on a flight, and making sure I don't sit for prolonged amounts of time.  I am thankful to God for giving me such wonderful doctors and am always grateful to enjoy life, one day at a time.

  • NicGriffin
    wow you're so lucky to be okay through all of that. Do you know what caused this to happen??
  • SergeantSue
    Nic, there was never a diagnosis for the cause of the DVT's. All of the possible conditions (Factor V Leiden, for example) were ruled out. Medical mystery!
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