Nov 27
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The roller coaster ride

I had valve replacement surgery done in July 2016.  I was on the breathing machine for 6 days and during that time I got pneomia also.  When I was allowed to be fully awake I told people stories that now I don't know if they were true or not.  The stories I told seemed so real at the time.  When I finally made it home I started getting depressed so the doctor changed my depression pills.  Over the last couple of months I have noticed that I don't remember things.  Example:  My husband and I went to look at a house that was for sale.  We sat outside and looked at the house and yard and made comments about pro and cons of the place.  On the way home, which only took about 20min.  My husband started talking more about the house.  I couldn't remember the house,  I knew we had looked at one, but I couldn't remember the house, the color of the house, the pine trees around the house, nothing.  This happens alot to me.  Has anyone else felt that wasy?
  • Heart_attack_at_43
    Hello Pammers I'm sorry to hear you are going trough this but there is help out there I am not a doctor but check your Meds are you taking any statins medications I read online dose Meds can cause memory loss. Here is a link I take those but only get dizzy and confused at times so I take it at night only. We are all different and have different results and reactions to Meds. Here is a link for stains and memory lost I will keep you in my prayers that it all gets better for you God bless you and your love ones.
  • dalecarp
    Pammers, When my wife awoke after her heart transplant on November 5 of this year she as you experienced the same. Dee's response to everything was ok, this lasted for three to four days and her short term memory was not as it used to be. As for the depression, yes, it is trade-off of the meds Dee's issue is that she has a new heart and the anti-rejection drugs are playing havoc with her system. A good solid support group is a very critical aspect in recovery, something that I have had to learn is patience, along with that something my wife has had to learn is trust, and acceptances that things have changed and will continue to change. As I have told Dee, ask as many questions that you can, recant what seems to be vague to fill in those blanks and within time and here is that patience aspect again, normality will return.
  • shirleymom
    Hi Pammers, When I had open heart surgery for six bypasses in 2004, I experienced memory problems as well, but over the years, it has become better, not perfect, just better. Be patient with yourself and learn your limits. Above all, tell your doctors about this problem so they can help you through it. It is great to be alive.
  • edwcare
    This also happens to stroke patients. Just last evening, my wife asked me about a turkey breast in the refrigerator. "No, we don't have one, remember?" to which she says, "Oh, that's right." Even minor lapses in memory are terrifying to me and I never know what to expect. You are in our prayers.
  • Steffy 1964
    Steffy 1964,
    I had 3 Hemorrhagic strokes. Same day and the same time. My whole brain was affected. My short term memory is gone. My hubby and I will talk about something and a minute later, I can't remember the conversation. It does get better, I am told. But it's been 14 months and I am still waiting. Be happy you are alive. That is all that matters.
  • L'chaim
    After a massive heart attack and an LVAD patient now I also go through short-term memory at times. For example, sometimes I'm in my bedroom and think of getting a yogurt from the fridge and by the time I reach the kitchen I forget why I'm there for - or I walk into my pharmacy and I can't remember what it is I need. My doctor said to keep an eye on it and see how frequent it happens. It may be the medications' side effects.
  • Denerica
  • RobynTOF
    Please tell me what valve was replaced and what type of valve did they use. I am supposed to be replacing my Pulmonary Valve with the Melody valve. Is this what you went through?
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