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shsula , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

The Night Before Graduation

Hello! I had a stroke the night before my "baby" my youngest daughter graduated from college. I had prayed for years, as an "older parent" and a widow, Lord just let me live long enough to see them through. Well, he did. He promised that. But, that night I as I stood up from my computer desk, my foot felt very odd, like it wasn't on the ground, and I could not get it to balance, that is my right foot. My speech was only slightly slurred, and by the time my other daughter arrived, she just thought I sounded sleepy. Since it had been stroke awareness month at our HMO Kaiser, she had been indoctrinated as to the signs of stroke and she put me through the test. Raise arms, good; smile, good; look at pupils good; but things were subtle to her. I thought that I was having anxiety symptoms about the graduation. The next day I told her I could not attend the graduation as I was sick. I spent the day sleeping and waking....a strange sleepiness overtaking me. My daughter returned from the town where the graduation was about a hour and a half away late that night, since the graduation was in afternoon, and the celebration ran til about ten. I told her would need to go to hospital, as the balance was so bad by then that I was walking like a drunk sailor....and a strange yet alluring sleepiness was taking over my mind.
Well, we were there for a long night….as I was continuing to go into the stroke mode. It was surreal, I had no pain, yet my awareness became more and more dream like, and my body started to show the signs more clearly, as I moved on my own with more weakness on the right. Our helper, a young man named Oscar lifted me onto a gurney that took me to MRI and CAT scan, after blood work. As his strong arms lifted me onto the gurney, I was confronted with his tattoo, a scripture. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This brought peace to my heart as much as could be and I realized in this way that my Savior was near me.
The next two days, my daughters watched me age 10 years they said as the effects of the ischemic stroke on my body showed up, my leg and hand on the right growing weaker, my mouth drooping on the right.
I was there for 2 and a half days, during the hottest day of the year, record temps over 110 degrees that first day. I had suffered a relatively mild stroke; they all said how lucky I was. I feel it was a divine gift, as from my hospital bed I sensed the Lord’s presence and he assured me I would live and be able to communicate with my family as I had asked of Him. Thanks be to God. Thanks for listening.
  • steedo
    Sorry- the same god gave u the stroke and is killing people, making millions of people and little children traumatised homeless and refugees... and guess what most of it to convince the world that their particular leap of faith to 'their god' is the right one? No its random and just good luck that you had a minor stroke and other good people have severe ones. The answer is not that under all horrific out comes is that GOD or JESUS has a plan. the fact that you relaxed had more to do with your outcome than GOD!! We are not smart enough to have all the answers-BUT - the answer to all unknown is not in a 2-5,000 year old fantacy tale. Keep well I know this will be like water off a ducks back to believers- I write it because I believe that blind faith inhibits personal responsibility for recovery not just to lambaste you. I'm a good guy I/we have fostered children from drug addicted parents, worked full time with remote indigenous communities helped refugees given heaps to charity- but I had Bowel cancer and a stroke in one year! ITS random: My FAITH is that I will continue to be a good non violent person because it is right; not to please GOD>
  • Studentmom55
    This is a little scary. The symptoms were there but often we don't see them for our selves until it's too late. I hope you were able to recover. Some don't, they die or they only recover part of their bodies back. Take care and good luck and health to you.
  • Graymatter
    Glory to the Most High God,for His healing virtue which spared you a lifetime of being paralyzed!! A young neighbor 5 doors down from me suffered a stroke 5 years ago,and requires a walker and/or a wheelchair to move about,while by my fifth year off of the ICU operating table,I was blessed and empowered to walk unaided and unmonitored from my front porch to downtown and BACK!! Having always been an exploring and rugged"outdoorsman",my Lord KNEW being confined to a bed would PULVERIZE my spirit,and so fortified my resolve to be independently mobile!! God is GOOD and His ways are unsearchable!!
  • singlegrandma2
    Shsula. So glad your stoke was a mild one and you are recovering. Glad you had Gods presence with you!
  • aktomlat03
    It is very true what I learned years ago from my parents that " All things are possible with God" ! Sometimes it takes a serious issue to enter our lives before we can turn our lives over to the care and trust of God....he has our back for sure. Take care.
  • AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail
    AHA/ASA Sarah Ismail,
    Shusla, So glad to hear that you found the strength in God to help you through this major life event! I am wishing you all the best in the future ahead, Sarah
  • sfrank
    Thanks for Sharing, good luck in your recovery. Stay positive!
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