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"The healthiest Woman in Town'

I'm a 53 year old College Professor, I teach Nutrition and yoga.  I also rode my bike over 2000 miles in 2016.  Because of this, our small town( Miami , Oklahoma) was shocked to hear that "Donna Hale had a stroke".  On January 19th 2017, I taught a yoga class, returned home and suffered an ischemic stroke.  I didn't realize what was happening until I spoke outloud and recognized "stroke voice". The clot lodged in my right MCA.  My husband was out of town (3 hours away).    I fell 15 feet from my phone,  it took me approximately 15 minutes to army crawl and roll to my phone.  The campus police arrived with the EMT's shortly after that.  Our home is 1 hour from the nearest stroke center.  Our local ER administered the TPA within an hour and sent me by ambulance to Tulsa Oklahoma.  In Tulsa, they immediately performed a successful thrombectomy. I had hemipelegia, reduced vision and dysphasia.  It is due to my pre-stroke health and the timing of my treatment that 12 weeks later I am recovering well.  I spent 10 days in the stroke center and 21 days in a rehab facility.  Both facilities were top notch and the care that I received was first rate.  However, 12 weeks ago I could not imagine that I would be able to walk or use the computer.  I experienced depression and many set backs.  I am now back to teaching nutrition 3 days a week.  I am doing yoga but, I am not able to teach it yet.  I was also able to get back on my bike this week and ride slowly around the neighborhood.  I still have left side weakness and balance issues.  I also experience daily fatigue.  As a Fitness instructor, the fatigue is the most frustrating of my symptoms.
One of the most positive outcomes of my stroke is that our local clinics have been bombarded with people wanting to be screened for stroke risks.  
  • JamesPL
    Hi Donna. Very inspiring story. I had a different event but a similar path to getting back to my exercise routine. For me, it greatly helped ward off depression. So glad you are progressing.
  • MAYR
    Wow! Life is so unsure. You do the best you can and go with the rest ? So glad you are recovering. I am 20 years out (46) from my heart attack this October! Even though I have been disabled with joint issues and Osteoarthritis I am thankful for the 'NON-events of my heart". IN fact, I am in a new Pilates/PT program and have some new optimism...you go girl! Sounds like you are on your way!
  • HeartAttacktto5K
    Sorry you had such a traumatic experience, but I'm truly happy you are amongst us survivors. I'm certain that your health had everything to do with your ability to recover so quickly. I had a heart attack/6 stents in my heart and was determined to run my first 5K of 2017 within 120 days! I met my goal and I'm getting ready for the 4th 5K in 17 days. Set goals for yourself and be fearless about your recovery...U will beat this stroke and continue to be an inspiration to others by sharing your story. It's Not Over Until You Win! Thanks For Sharing, Joe
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thankyou so much for sharing! Your story is so inspirational. Best Katie
  • NicGriffin
    Unbelievable! Any indication to what caused the stroke? That's a fear that I know I have and I wish there was more research around what really causes strokes. You are such an inspiration! I think living a healthy life style is so important as it makes our bodies stronger, strong enough to heal!! Thank you so much for sharing your story!
  • hgswann
    Glad you are doing better and you will get back to prestroke. I had same type stroke and i am 3 yrs post stroke. I still have weakness on right side arm and leg and also have fatigue all the time. I thought it could have been meds but the more i read these post it is normal to have fatigue. God bless you and you are in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your post.
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