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Bernie Oakes
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TAVR Talk:

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TAVR  Talk:


What is TAVR?  In the professional, medical world, TAVR stands for Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Replacement.  It is a less invasive procedure to replace the diseased Aortic Heart Valve with a new mechanical one.  It is not available for all prospective patients because of personal differences, disease related conditions, etc., but it is the optimal procedure to employ, if the conditions are met.

 That’s the professional definition of TAVR.  How do the patients that have “been there and done that” define TAVR?    Simply, TAVR  stands for: TREMENDOUS, AMAZING, VICTORIOUS REHABILITATION !  When one has experienced the depression and loss of normal strength and endurance that is necessary for a satisfactory quality of life, and realizes the situation and the certainty of further degradation without some change, two options are obvious:  Continue on the failing path, or take positive action to turn it around and regain a good quality of life.  An easy decision to make – except there is that “old” feeling of fear and alarm that occurs when one lets the imagination run wild.  So, this individuals experience with TAVR is worth relating to future prospective patients.

 In my personal experience in 2014, TAVR was truly an Amazing and Victorious  Rehabilitation.  Laying in the hospital bed, awaiting the unknown immediate future, concern and fear became close partners.  Then, the orderly came in with a gurney and I moved onto it.   Obviously, my time had come.  The orderly told me that he had a shot to give me that would help me relax.   Good for him!  I could sure use it.  While still in the room and saying goodbye to my loved one, I got my shot.  Sure enough, I started to relax.  By the time I had been wheeled out of the room, I was asleep.  The next thing I experienced was waking up – back in my own hospital bed, in my room!  I became immediately concerned!  Clearly something had gone wrong and I was back where I had started!  Then I looked to the foot of the bed and standing there with smiles on their faces was the surgeon and my companion.  It was then that I also noticed the tree (mobile hanger) with a couple lines connected to me.  The first thing that I heard, was the surgeon saying, “Everything went well!”  I felt like I had just won the lottery, and couldn’t believe that it was all behind me.  I was experiencing no pain, felt fine, and thought I should get dressed and go home.

 Looking back, I remember loved ones who experienced heart disease several decades ago, and did not have the options that are available today.  They were taken from us because there were no alternatives.  This adds to ones appreciation of the medical advancements for the heart patient that are utilized today, and knowledge of the work and research underway of even more sophisticated equipment and procedures – now in the pipeline.

 Thank You:   Medical  Science  -  TAVR !!

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