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Survivor of Sudden Cardia Arrest at 26 years old

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On January 26 2018 at the age of 26 I experienced a sudden cardiac arrest while in a brief meeting at work. I was very fortunate to have been in a government building with the paramedics  in the same building and the people in the meeting had proper CPR training and quickly called 911 and performed CPR on me. After about a minute or so being unresponsive I started gasping for air but kept coming in and out of consciousness, when the paramedics arrived they were getting ready to use the defibrillator and were going to intubate but luckily I started breathing on my own. They rushed me to the nearest hospital where I was placed in ICU about 3 days later I started to regain my memory back. At this point doctors weren’t sure what caused me to collapsed it was all assumption until they did an MRI where they found out I have noncompaction cardiomyopathy which is a very rare type of cardiomyopathy but the doctors believe mine genetic due to my family history. My father passed away when I was 17 at the age of 44 from sudden cardiac arrest and my uncle his brother is also diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. I was discharged from the hospital 8 days later and two weeks after I went into surgery and got a implantable defibrillator. The doctors explained to me how luckily I was to have survived this and thanks to the lady that performed CPR that day I am able to be here for my two beautiful kids. I wanted to share my story to create awareness that this can happen to anyone and it is important to take it very seriously if you feel an discomfort and speak to your doctor and do all the testing necessary to avoid a tragedy.
  • Brainfog2

    Wow! Thank you for sharing. It shows how random life can be. People are truly helpful when it matters (and it always matters) and good inside to be there to help you. Thank God you got quick help and an internal device that could save you if ever needed. I am sorry your dad did not benefit from that. So this is genetic? Wow. Scary. So happy you are ok. 

  • Cuozzimoto

    Wow! Crazy story! Thank you for sharing . I just had a heart attack and cardiac arrest 4 weeks ago. Its scary and confusing. I’m 45 and it freaked me out. You’re in your 20’s!! I am so glad you were able to get help and that you are ok. Look at it this way.... your heart is now in better shape than it was before all this happened. Be well.

  • Rehman


    You are realy luckyone....u had acess &resources .but our area lacking

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