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I am a 40 year old female and a heart attack  survivor. I had my first heart attack in June of 2018,my life was changed forever! I knew that I had high cholesterol but didn't really know what the numbers meant. I also had no clue of family history. I lived a reckless life growing up, which I am sure did not help matters. They found 90% blockage! I remember sitting in my hospital room after the stint was placed and just breaking down,my life had changed forever and nothing would ever be the same again! I still have days when I break down but I am thankful that I can see another day. Truly blessed! I am still working on improving, trying to be my best me. I put down the cigarettes and trying to eat right! Awareness is the key!

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!  Please let us know how we can support you now. Best Katie 

  • tim514

    I was clintically dead 3 times in August 2018, heart stopped. Was brought back to life, 2 stents were put in,, life vest for 4 monthe then a difibrillator. I too did not take care of my self,, thought this could never happen to me. THEN I WAS FLOORED. Re evaluated the second chance I was give,, threw away the smokes and booze and all the bad food.. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and still have pain bbut alot of hope and life to look forward to. I feel your pain. Breaking down is not my style, but has happened.. Thank god he wasnt ready for me yet.. Bless you and take care,, your not alone. Tim

  • yarn007

    Welcome to the site.   Thanks so much for sharing your story.   We all have those days just like you when you break down and it seems to much.   It is a matter of picking yourself back up and keep on going.   You should be proud of yourself for putting down the smokes!    That is HUGE!   Keep on plugging away.   It is tough, but remember you are made of tough stuff.   You are a survivor!

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