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Surviving and living with Heart Disease

 I am a 52yr old women, my story really began in 1979 when my Mother began her battle with Heart Disease with 2 open heart sugeries and multiple heart attacks her frail 104 pound frame lost the battle in June 18, 1988 at the young age of 48. Much to my surprise in May 2006 being 41 had my1st heart attack which was treated with a stint, June 2007 had some chest pain heart attack #2  went to the Cath lab they done a balloon procedure,
 July 31,2007 rushed to hospital with very high BP, again Cath Lab, and my family was told I needed Emergency Heart Surgery it was a Quad Bypass, I had a rough recovery I had a lung issue and did go home but with O2, rehab went well and I was on my way and then back on my feet. Then in April 2008 while at work I began having chest pain and went again to the ER, again I needed to go to the Cath Lab, after that the Hospital I was at didn't have the Cardiac Staff that I would need and was Transferred to a great Cardiac staffed Hospital and they took me to the Cath Lab, during which one of my bypass graphs failed and I had heart attack #3, with the grace of God and the excellent Dr and Staff I survived, days later the Cardiologist came to my bedside and wept telling me that with all the years of education and experience I shouldn't have survived that 3rd heart attack, he then told me I was his very first miracle patient and asked if he could share my story and of course I said yes. 
 With the many years of having a parent with the disease and then you get it yourself, well I was much more educated on the signs and symptoms which most people don't experience. If I can reach just one person and educate them about this disease then I know that I survived to help others.
Just this past Nov. 2015 my 9yr old granddaughter was seen by pediactric caridologist she inherited mine and my mother heart disease, between my daughter and myself we can help her to understand and educate her to listen to her body. We may not have control of our genetics but we all can pass on our story to help those who don't understand this disease. To be given this second chance in life I made a major change in my life to always live for today and never to take life for granted as it can be taken away in a split second. 
God Blessheart Learn and Live
 If I can help anyone please feel free to ask me anything... 
  • Kerstin Wiggins
    Kerstin Wiggins,
    This is a beautiful story full of hope - thank you for sharing! And thank you for being willing to share you experience with the community. We're lucky to have you here!
  • KenRachlin

    Does anyone here follow Dr.Dean Ornish or Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn? 



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