Jun 6
Jenn_Johnson , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Surprise Of My Life

I had a stroke the morning of April 27, 2016.

The week before, I experienced frequent blurred vision. The day before, I forgot to attend my youngest child's last Parent Night for preschool. The day of, I went to a grocery store that was not near my home. 

While led talking to a relative in the grocery store parking lot, I became light-headed. I figured that I needed some air, so I got out of my minivany. The light-headed nests progressed to a headache then blurred vision and periodic blindness,. I yelled into the phone that I needed help. People walked past. I was able to tell my relative part of where I was then I hung up. I managed to call 911 then speed dialed my husband. 

The paramedics said I had a panic attack.  I was taken to a nearby hospital. No sirens. I kept saying that my arm and mouth were hurting. I was wheeled in. The paramedic told the waiting ER staff that I had a panic attack and/or suspected anxiety. A knowledgeable nurse looked me square in the face, then rushed me to another area with waiting critical care personnel.

The tests began. Squeeze, my hands, raise your legs, push your feet down, push them up, smile.
Wait! These people think that I had a stroke! How?! I do not have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or High Cholesterol.

My relative that I was on the phone with arrived at the hospital. They called my mom instead of 911. Glad I had the wherewithal to do it myself.

The doctor's talked to me about TPA to save me. Then my husband walked in. I cried-hard. He held my hand and said, we can do this together. Several hours later, I had feeling on my right side again. Not a lot, but enough to realize that they were right, I had a stroke.  I do not have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, yet I had a stroke at age 46.

Mind blown! Several hours of therapies each week. Out-of-the-blue pain in my leg, my arm, my foot, ongoing tingling in my limbs, headaches like nobody's business, but it could be worse. I could still be hospitalized away from my young children. I could be in a vegetative state. I could be dead. However, I am here and glad to be so.

Did I tell you that I am 46?

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