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Surprise Heart Attack

I'm a Vet. Had served my country for 22 yrs., thought I was in good health because of doing physical exercise 3 times a week.  Moved from Killeen, TX, took a job in Waco, TX at 63 yrs old.  Had no idea I was over weight, until I had a heart attack.  I thought it was the turkey bacon, I had been eating for years.  Only to find out, some of it is saltier than regular bacon.  I consumed this for breakfast since 2008.  Started feeling nauseated, had no idea I was having a heart attack.  Thought this was indigestion, or a real bad heart burn.  I wouldn't wish this kind of excruciating pain on anyone.  I paced the floor, walking back and forth. Finally went to my medicine cabinet in the bathroom, took Zantec, nothing seemed to work. Tried to sit down, tried to lay down. My chest was hurting so bad. I didn't have idea, I was having a heart attack, if so I would have dialed 911 right away.  One of my daughters call me and said mom, you don't sound like yourself.  She said let me call one of my siblings, who live closer. She lives an hour and a half away.  Couldn't reach my son.  So then she called my daughter who was teaching school. She arrived apro. 5:30 p m.  She called me and said mom, put your shoes on, I will be there in 10 mins.  Thanks to her driving faster than an ambulance, saved my life.  When we arrived to the VA, the intake man kept saying it's just a stomach ache.  I kept telling him, I know what an ulcer feel like, I had one in 1976. I kept explaining, I felt sick to my stomach, and the excruciating pain I was feeling in my chest.  He finally got it, he said ma'am that's symptoms of a heart attack. I was beyond belief, God had kept me safe all day until my daughter came to my rescue.  I'm here today by the grace of God, the rest is history. I'm still fighting to stay alive.
  • yarn007
    Glad you are still with us! If you have any questions or problems don't be afraid to ask. You will find other people's stories very inspiring and there are many knowledgeable people who will be able to help you as you navigate your new life as a heart attack survivor.
  • Angie66048
    It's called 'denial". You know...when you feel nauseated, pain in the chest, may be for some could have. pain in that left shoulder, shoulder blade, arm. lower mandible, or your jaw teeth hurt or you have a hard time breathing. Maybe the legs feel like heavy weights or that use to 2 hour shopping trip becomes 30 minutes; you stay tired. Or maybe no signs at all "the widow maker". We all go thru it...life doesn't prepare is well for what's about to happen. If you have this happening again, please don't wait Hon...call 911 ASAP. You're Are Too Special To Lose!!! From one soldier to another, you are my sister in arms.. Please, if you ever want to talk, just email me...anglia64117@gmail.com. It's hard for many to share their story or some never get to share a story like this; thank you for sharing. It's a big step in realizing ...how blessed we are. If we knock or teach out, thanks to this site and positive people, hopefully, we can help each other. Angie E.
  • mikedq1
    Dear : Arounds I am also a veteran that served in the us army in the mid 70's. at that time I did not smoke at all. I did drink occasionally with the fellows when allowed. I was in good physical conditional, but also I was a young man just out of HS. When discharged I began to smoke cigaretts and anything else I could get my hands on. Have a drink of whatever was avalible. I quickly became over weight with health problems on the rise. My weight went up to nearly 400lbs. I currently weigh 306. I am suffering from shortness of breath, and I pray the doctors can get it under control. I pray that my Heart is o.k. So now I am on my way to church, and I will say a prayer for you, as well as myself. God Bless, your friend , Mike
  • ActiveLarry
    Now you get to really learn about a healthy diet, if you want to recover well. Anti-oxidants and high niacin and high thiamine foods are your best friends. Very low fat, very low salt. My doc said my blockage levels were like a hundred year old about to die. Now I am athletic like most 30 year olds hope to be.
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I hope you find the Support Network to be warm and welcoming place to be! Please let me know if I can help you at all. Best, Katie
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