May 8
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surgery & cryptogenic stroke

Jan 11, 2016 I went into hospital for a total hip replacement.  Hip surgery a success. 2 days after the hip surgery, Jan 13,  2016 I had a stroke.
%u200B8 am Wed Jan 13, 2016 I was eating breakfast & speaking with my neighbor. I was having difficulty chewing my food. My tongue was not working
%u200Bproperly. I called my daughter & told her "I have had a stroke", & to get to the hospital. Then I called my husband (a retired neurologist) & said
%u200B"I have had a stroke". My speech was wierd. My tongue was not working properly. Called the nurses & told them "I have had a stroke".

%u200B(Why is this difficult to type? I can talk about it, but am having difficulty putting it down on paper)

%u200BI had had the stroke during the night, so TPA was not applicable.  CAT scans & MRIs were done & they could find nothing; no blood clots, no
%u200Bnarrowing of anything - nothing to give reason for a stroke. Taken to a another hospital immediately for evaluation. Then came my confusion.
%u200BIn the new hospital, I thought I was in "some one's basement" in a hospital. Left side of my tongue & my speech definitley worse. More CAT scans & MRIs - still showing nothing wrong. Still having confusion, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking. My left side was not affected, only tongue & speech & swallowing.
%u200BTranferred to a rehab hospital 2 days later.  Again, more confusion.  Thought "I was in a building that was being demolished, with wire fencing all
%u200Baround it". Very frightened.  Slept with all lights on for a week. Rehab people were wonderful, including other stroke patients!!!
%u200BCame home & had PT, OT, Speech therapy (had had all these therapies in rehab), & continued at home.
%u200BHad more CAT scans & MRIs & still saw no reason for the stroke.
%u200BIt is now 3 months later, & my speech has returned to almost normal. Tongue is almost normal & swallowing is almost normal.
%u200BConfusion has almost gone. My memory is still a bit of a problem.  I can get overwhelmed much more easily than before the stroke. I sort of
shut down. Putting this down on paper is surprisingly difficult.
%u200BBefore the hip surgery, I had had almost every test known to make sure I was healthy enough to undergo the hip surgery.  I am grateful I found
%u200Bthis "stroke support network" & the "cryptogenic" site. My hip replacement surgery was a success.
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