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Sue Baker

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I am a 77 yr old lady , ex RN ,,,,only retired  five years ago ,,,

i have LBBB,an anteroseptal perfusion  defect, a high serum  calcium ,,sclerosis of valves ,,   And just had a pacemaker implanted two weeks ago .for syncopal episodes  ,,, 

i had had cardiogenic shock during surgery age 30 ,  and unstable angina ever  since ,,,,,,( 1970) 

the thallium scan Dx the septal perfusion defect age 70!

All the last year i have been having syncope ,,,,with very serious effects ,,, 

Falling totally unconscious each time, sometimes for a Couple of minutes 

finally I persuaded my Cardiologist To insert  loop recorder ,,which Dx the heart block ,,that wasn inserted on 8th Feb ,,And on 15 th Feb he had to implant a pacemaker ,,I m now recovering ,,,It is a Medtronic and I ha have a monitor  beside   my bed.  Which transmits to a  nurse technician when  the heart stops beating 

thanks. For listening  

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  • AmbassadorB

    Hi Sue !

    I have to comment about your story, and ask if there is a secret to your picture - a special position on the pillow because of the ICD?  Ha!

    I'm an 87 year old survivor of a number of heart procedures and am enjoying an excellent quality of life - because of the outstanding medical treatment that I have received and the advances that Medical Science has made during recent years.    I know that you're on the right track and that the pacemaker will make a major difference in your future.  It did in mne!    Good luck and enjoy this February - National Heart Month.

    Ambassador B



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