Sep 23
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In April of this year my doctor discovered that I had had a stroke, unbeknowst to me. The effects that persist today make me think that I was in fact really lucky. I have a burning sensation in my arms from time to time. A left side facial spasm occures occasionally but that's about it. The most disturbing part is that I'm in  constant fear of having a more serious episode. My doctor perscribed an asprin a day and sent me on my way. I'm 68 and other than the stroke, I'm in really good health. 
  • boggie02
    I had a minor ischemic stroke May 29th. I turned 63 this month. My right hand and right foot were paralyzed. I was lucky. I spent a week in the hospital and while there my heart beat went from 72 beats/minute to 177 beats /minute. That's right; A-Trial Fibrolation of the heart. Now I am on a blood thinner for life. I take 11 different pills a day and don't dare miss one for fear of having another stroke. My doctor told me without the blood thinner I would be 5 times more likely to have another stroke. Like you I am afraid and wondering when and if I will have another stroke. You wake up thinking about it and go to sleep thinking about it. The paralysis in my right hand only lasted about 2 weeks and four toes on my right foot still have about 30% paralysis. I am still in rehab hoping to go back to work in a couple months. I keep my self busy, especially my mind to keep myself from worrying so much. Good luck to you and everyone else that has had a stroke.
  • felmap
    Hi MollyD: I am new to this support network and your sentence, "The most disturbibg part is that I'm in constant fear of having a more serious episode" really hit home to me. I had a TIA less than a week ago (last Sunday). I really felt it - my hand was buzzing as if I was having an electrical shock, part of my cheek went numb and part of my lower leg went numb - all on the right side. But it lasted for a total of 1 and a half minutes, with thankfully, no lasting effects. Of course, now, every twinge, tingle, etc., makes my heart start beating in fear. I now feel REALLY motivated to work on my current life-style: diet, exercise, work stress, etc. I am 65. I have quite a few tests lined up and then a consultation at the hospital. I think you perhaps need a second medical opinion on looking a bit deeper into your situation. All the best! -Pam
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