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Stroke survivor at 29 years old with a newborn!

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April 4 2016 was the best day of my life, We welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives. Everything was going great! On April 10 2016 I had a major headache which I attributed to being a migraine and my left arm had been very achy which I assumed was from carrying around a new baby. Never once did I think it would have been any more than that. I was only 29, Strokes dont happen to people my age. Or that is what I thought anyways. April 11 2016 was my Husbands first day back to work since the birth of our son, Hudson. My mom, Daline had been staying with us and on the morning of the April 11th we went out to run a few errands and came back home around 12:00 so we could have lunch and I could feed Hudson. I was sitting on the couch with Hudson and had just taken a picture of him to send to my Husband. I asked my mom if she could help me get up to go to the bathroom, not realizing why I wasn't able to get up on my own. My mom immediately recognized my speech as being slurred and looked up at me and my whole left side was drooping. She knew I was havng a stroke and called 911. The Ambulance arrived soon after and took me to CHI Saint Alexius Hospital in Bismarck ND. Once at the hospital the CODE STROKE TEAM was alerted and went into action. Because of the recent birth of my son by C-Section they were unable to give me TPA, the clot busting drug, so Interventional Radiology was called into action and the interventional Radiologist was able to perform a vacuum like procedure to suck the clot out of my brain. I remember waking up and asking for my husband and complaining about an intense pressure it my head. I believe this is when they were getting the clot out. It didn't take long after that that I started to get movement back to my left side. I spent four days in the ICU recovering, these were the longest four days of my life. All I wanted to do was be home with my new baby. The Doctors found that both my Carotid Arteries had dissections in them, which is where they believe the clot came from. How did those dissections get there? I had many of my doctors stumped for quite some time. It took many Doctors visits and scans until my clot was totally gone, when finally my Neuologist believed he had an answer for me. He diagnosed me with Fibromuscular Dyslpasia. But to some of my doctors, I am still their Mystery Miracle. Somebody was watching over me on April 11 2016 and I am here today to share my story, Help raise awareness and raise my little boy!! Now 18 months later I am doing great! And I cannot thank my mom, the Paramedics and the CHI staff enough for there fast acting that not only saved my life, but also prevented me from having any lasting effects. Today I am able to live my life just as normal as I did before I had my stroke.  

  • Marie1331


    I'm 41 and I had a stoke 9 days after giving brith to my second son.  I was paralyzed on my right side, had a Trach, a feeding tube, and part of my skull removed to releive the brain bleeding.  

    But now, two years later, thanks to my doctors, family, great friends and my faith in God, I am just about completely healed except for a little short term memory loss which I have faith will clear up completely in the near future.  I would love to continue to communicate with you and share stories about our sons.   God bless you and your family.  Kelly Marie

  • BrookeB

    Hello Kelly Marie

    I am so happy to hear you are doing so well! My son is now 2 years old and tomorrow April 11th will be my 2 year anniversary of my stroke. And we are both doing great! I apologize for just seeing your message now. I think it would be great to keep in touch and share stories!




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