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Stabbed In Chest/heart 1987-Had MI 1998 Open Heart Surg-EF 35-40%

Hi im bob age 56 ,not great typer, will soon post pic,not so p/csavy LOL-. In ny 1987 Healthy age 26, tried to stop a fight, was stabbed in chest, w/ myocardial contusion, lung collapse in hosp 3 weeks- EF 19% place on save study w/captopril EF jump to 50% by 1990-fully recovered. In 1998 had mild upper  abdominal ache, went to ER, was having massive MI-ended up w/ Total occlusion LAD, cardiogenic shock-HF- EF 22%-recieved Icd sent home, had constant shocks for weeks-Finally went to a different hosp w/heart specialists, they kept me 1 month, discovered i had LV annuerysm, MD said have repair/Heart surgery and wont need icd and improve heart function, had surgery, and he was right, after Neg eps Icd was removed, i was so happy.That was in 98 EF went to 50% post op but soon dropped to mid 30s, and have had EF 35-40% since, for 19 yrs now. been on the usual meds,and have felt fine since 1998 heart surgery. no HF symptoms no limitations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Have been on carvedilol 12.5mg, spironalactone, lisinopril, glipizide but controlled Diabetes. My issues-The carvedillo make me lighteded,and low bp, but MD says as long as BP is higher then 85/50 stay on carvedilol, says it will raise EF-any advice on this med? been on since 2014, but lite head for year now. MD also suggested entresto,but im not sure about that one,so any advice on carved,will appreciate,may be lisinopril causing lite headed-TY Booby-Have a great day!
  • Lace
    Hi I am on Carvedilol 6.25 Mg and Spironolactone 25 mg I have CHF and a pacemaker I very important that I take my medication and other medications to I do get dizzy to God Blessing Always
  • Hbro 1
    Hbro 1,
    Hi Bob, What a survival story. I can tell you that a very prominent dr told me that Entresto is a great - breakthrough drug for HF. If you are worrieed about it ask your dr why he thinks it will help & will it replave Carvedilol completely. It was the largest tested drug fot HF in history. Its worth a shot ince they gave kept you alive this long.
  • akamisty
    Hello Bob, God Bless you!! You are a fighter! I was on lisinopril and had to be taken off due to the side effects. That pill is not for everyone. I am also on Carvedilol which works very well for me. My doctors had to keep switching the mg until I did not get anymore headaches, but the lisinopril was just the wrong pill for me. i have had to try out a lot of pills until I did not get so many side effects but still was able to have my bp controlled. I know it's hard to keep trying out different pills but there are ones that control bp and not make you sick. You are in my prayers, Stay strong
  • JamesPL
    Hi Bob, Amazing story of survival! I too was on Lisinopril and was experiencing light headedness. I was only on 2.5 mg but my cardiologist chose to take me off it. Since then, I don't have the light headedness nearly as often.
  • JaneV
    My husband has been on lisinopril but now on Carvedilol and spironolactone. He has type 2 diabetes and takes both long term and meal time insulin. and metformin. I was concerned recently when I took his BP and it was 81/51. I called the cardiologist and was told that I needed to call is the systolic number was closer to 70. He is in stage 3 CHF with a EF of 15%. He does get headaches and is dizzy from other neurological issues but we have found that we cut his dosage in half and take it several times a day and it makes some difference. He still gets all the meds prescribed but fewer headaches. He is now wheelchair bound due to his fatigue but we continue to try and get out to dinner and do errands together if he is feeling well. This is a difficult journey but we make each day the best we can. As for carvedilol raising the EF, we have not experienced this.
  • bobmines59
    Hi jane V- with regards to Carvedilol, it doesnt result in higher EF for many people,but for many it has. From what ive researched Carvedilol has been shown to improve survival rate in HF pts, improves cardiac function, helps prevent heart attacks to. The dizziness and headaches are common side effects. Hope your husband stays positive,and stays well! .--TY B
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