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I would like to find anyone who has the same heart defect as me.  I found out 4 years ago under a Cath procedure that I have what The basketball player Pete Maravich had.  I was seen by a surgeon who explained what it was with the option of fixing it or living with it.  Life was good.  Fast forward just saw my cardiologist for routine stress test at annual visit which showed several marks indicating blockage.  Again no symptoms during test or otherwise. Greatful He schedule another Cath. Which revealed no blockage but doctor decided to send me to a partner of the first surgeon I saw 4 years ago for second opinion.  Well that lead into open heart surgery needed to fix as he sees it as blood pressure and heart rate goes up squeezing the artery causing less blood flow.  (Will die) Remember stress test induce stress. I am on bata blocker and blood pressure meds. He said I was older I am 60 years old and the marks from stress test concluded operation.  No other options but couldn’t get heart rate up exercising. He began explaining open heart surgery including taking vein from shoulder, how long 4 to 6 hours after care and ended with CT scan needed first so he can see how to repair.  Can anyone advise if had procedure or other options.  Or if another opinion would be best option. 

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  • Thumper2

    PeggyTN, I can't diagnose your problem, but I'd advise you to see an electrophysiologist before getting into open heart surgery! All the best,

    Thumper2 (Judy)

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