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Over the holidays strange things happened that I blew off as stress (my job and family life have left me wiped out): vomiting small amount of blood, daily nausea, heart palpitations, exhaustion, migraines.  I finally went in after a scary experience while relaxing.  I felt my heart stop, after a few seconds it kicked in with extreme pain that knocked my breath away.  I couldn't catch my breath.  At that same moment, I could feel the blood gushing with force up through every vein in my brain--that burned!  My face flushed as everything settled and my heartbeats returned to normal.  I had a major headache following. My doc did the usual tests and found nothing.  Reflux has joined the problems so I'm on a pepcid-type med and antianxiety with a follow up appt in Feb.  Since then, I've read things like my heart is failing.  This scares me!  I joined this group hoping to prevent this if I'm not, or get advice on how to live if I am.  I know changes must be made NOW.  Advice is welcome!!
  • Poppywriter
    If I were you, I'd make sure the info you get comes from reliable sources like the American Heart Association. There's lots of stuff on the web that can scare you out of your wits, and much of it is less than trustworthy. You might also want to get a second opinion, if you feel that your doctor isn't helping you figure it out.
  • trisha0817
    How scary! What type of tests did your doctor do? Did you have an echocardiogram or just an EKG? There are so many different tests to do, some invasive, but necessary to figure out what happened. An echo can tell a lot about the heart. I'd push or get a second opinion if you feel your doctor isn't doing enough! I've learned that you really have to do this. All the best . . .
  • Chuck3e
    Tori, I'd suggest two things: 1st: See if your current Dr. can refer you to a heart specialist or 2nd: get a second opinion from another Dr.
  • bhanes
    I had 3 doctors misdiagnose me. So don't be afraid to keep asking questions. Find a cardiologist that won't stop searching for answers. Hope it goes well for you
  • Bobcat
    I am learning to become unattached to the outcome of any life experience to witness it as an observed, and not identify with it… © ❤
  • steedo
    One thing is certain; you mention stress and heart irregularity in rhythm. I'm not a doctor but both are precursors to Stroke. I knew it ignored it the had the stroke! You must get further investigation and analysis! I had high, very high blood pressure for 12 years prior and nothing got it under control. After stroke forced to resign from stressful jobs and bingo blood pressure came down. Good luck but act now and find the answers.
  • nanamo67
    BREATHE every one pushes it off as stress, well if you read STRESS KILLS , STRESS can cause a heart attack the number 1 killer in women is heart disease !!!!!! now with that being said I am a 17 year heart disease survivor, 8 years with an ICD and will be getting my 3RD this year i have been surviving CHF, CAD Cardiomyopathy and more but each day I wake up is a day I am here , and I have learned to live with heart failure, HELL no its not easy but you can survive it, you have to be willing to say "this was my life first, before heart disease grabbed me" and live, i set goals, set memories for myself don't let any one tell you to get over it, or its just stress get it checked GET all of it checked . I have a group of women in a heart support group , that we have been there, done that, going thru that so just BREATHE . and stop reading everything on google, it can do more harm then good heart hugs and prayers
  • AHAASAKatie
    Good morning, Thank you for sharing this. I would also like to encourage you to go back to the doctor and have a conversation about what could be happening. If you have questions about congestive heart failure or you feel like something was missed or that you do not understand what is happening, do back and keep digging until you are satisfied that you have received the best treatment and evaluation available. Then, come back and tell us what you learned so we can be supportive of you. Best Katie
  • Kiahlera
    First of all I want to thank and applaud you for sharing your story as it takes courage to admit you are scared. I agree wholeheartedly you should seek medical advice until your concerns are ALL addressed. If your current Physician is unable to provide you with the information you are asking I strongly encourage you to see someone else. At the time of my heart attack (6 months ago) I had been to my Doctor two days prior complaining of chest pains and shortness of breathe. His diagnosis was anxiety and smoking. I accepted smoking as the reason for the shortness of breathe but was not stressed/anxious until after seeing my Doctor. At that visit my Doctor DID NOT listen to my heart or lungs. He told me as always to quit smoking and gave me a prescription for anti-anxiety medicine. I was told my Doctor was outwardly shaken and shocked when he realized I was the reason he was responding to the call for additional Certified CPR personnel. I am not putting sole blame on my Doctor as my choice to smoke for 42 years took care of the why however; I was told when I became aware of what had happened 9 days later, the heart attack may have been avoided had the proper procedures and tests been done. I will never know for sure but I firmly believe I should have been more proactive and followed my heart and guts intuition and sought additional opinions. Doctors are human and not all Doctors are in agreement with regards to procedures and diagnosis. After we have gathered all the information their very educated medical experience can provide, the choice then becomes our responsibility to make. It is also our choice and responsibility to live a healthy lifestyle. I wish you the best moving forward and if there is anyway I can provide support please feel free to contact me. You have come to the right place! Sincerely, Kiahlera
  • dphilli42
    I'll just say this because I have them, but the "felt my heart stop, after a few seconds it kicked in with extreme pain" that could be PVC's. I have them daily, have for years. They are rarely as bad as you described but I've definitely had some, that when I'm stressed out, feel similar to that. As far as the other symptoms go, they could be stress related, but it's a good idea to be diligent and continue to seek medical testing and advice. Stress, especially constant over months, can lead to bad stuff. I truly believe my heart attack, which was back in september, was primarily caused by a couple very stressful events I had been through the 6 months leading in. Good luck to you.
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