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SCAD. what just happened?!

My name is Joanne. I am 48 years old and live in Washington State. This past Sat. April 8, 2017 I started feeling tightness and pain in my chest and  also my left arm and hand. About 4 months ago I had gone to hospital for something similar but it turns out it was Acid Reflux and I felt better after a time. On Sat the pain kept getting worse. I went out to let my husband know that my chest and arm were hurting and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be a worry wart and go to hospital for what I truly thought was Acid Reflux. I went and layed down for about 2 more min and it was bad. I got up got some clothes on and told my husband. "We need to go to hospital". He jumped up and we left   Even driving there I kept trying to talk myself out of going, not wanting to be a bother. He didn't listen. We got to the ER and I was immediately brought back. They put an IV in me and gave me a Gi cocktail to numb my espophogus, still thinking it was Acid Reflux. About a  min later I said "I feel funny". Then next thing I remember is a bout 10 people looking down at me and a doctor telling me that my heart went into an abnormal rhythm and they had to shock me twice and perform CPR on me!  What?!!!! No way!!! A whirlwind of things happened and I'm in the hospital being told there was no blockage and they believe it was a Spontaneous Corenary Artery Dissection.   Ok what?!!!!  I had a heart attack. I was released from hospital yesterday and am at home. I'm feeling sluggish, tired, scared, happy, freaked out, nothing wrong all in a matter of minutes apart. I don't know what to do!  I feel like I have a ticking bomb inside me. Can I lift that bag, or will it cause to much strain?  New to this, so thankful I did listen to my body and did go to hospital. Greatful to be alive right now and also framed out that it could happen again. I'm looking for a group to chat with that may have advice. Thanks. 
  • Joanneschroedel
    *freaked out
  • Bluestarmom
    hi Joanne. Did the ER doctors tell you to go to your primary or anything? Hard to believe they'd see you go through all of that and then not tell you what to do about it after the crisis is over. I would suggest going to your pcp and ask him how you are supposed to follow that up? I mean you are curious, SCARED, and wondering how this happened. That would mean going to see a doctor who knows you. Good luck - I hope you get the peace of mind you need.
  • Myrnasales
    Having a heart attack is very scary! You do need to follow up with your primary doctor, who should be able to give you the name of a cardiologist. I have found It's better to be safe than sorry! Don't hesitate to go to the ER, it may save your life again! We all have the tendency to try to diagnose what our problem might be, but again I urge you to let the doctors figure out what is causing your symptoms! Good luck, and I wish you the very best. Try to stay positive, it helps a lot. If you want to email me, feel free to contact me at; myrnasales@comcast.net. Kindest regards, Myrna
  • BevPohlit
    Soooo happy you're ok. If your Dr's haven't recommended Cardio Rehab, please contact them, and get started. It's so important for recovery. Also, if you're on FaceBook, checkout #goredgetfit. It's sponsored by The American Heart Association and we're over 14,000 strong. There you'll find a wonderful support group, and we're always there for each other. Hope to see you there!!
  • ricker
    These are all normal feeling, I'm one year post heart attack and believe I felt the same way and this site has helped me realize that I was not alone in those feelings...I was fortunate to have a stent placed...on the outside you look perfectly normal..its all the mental games you brain plays on us... Most recently I have come to the accept what happened to me and have decided to enjoy life, family, friends...whether we are the healthiest person in the world, when our time is up, it is up... Many modifications to my eating habits and more exercise...take my meds...see my MD's...there is not much more we can do... As they say time heals.. C. Booth
  • Richlin123
    Hi, I'm 69 and had a heart attack last July 2016. After reading your story the only thing I keep thinking is "get a second opinion". Given their first diagnosis of acid reflux I would be sceptical of their second. Search out a good cardiologist and get some tests run. Seems the hospital diagnosed you without much testing. A cardiologist will thoroughly examine you using the best tests available. Just confirm the diagnosis for your peace of mind. You have to live with this the rest of your life, If you have any questions, make absolutely sure you have the correct diagnosis and what you need to do to have a healthy life, both physically and mentally. Best wishes.......Linda
  • HeartAttacktto5K
    Hi Joanne, I'm Joe and I'm also in Washington State....Your feeling are normal; Did you have any surgery, Stents placed ? I'm curious what instructions the Cardiologist gave you when you when they discharged you? I hope you have a follow up doctors appointment scheduled? I had what is called a silent Heart Attack, pain was in my back and not my Chest...But all other symptoms were there of a Heart Attack. It took about 30 days of tests and appointments before I had 6 stents placed in my heart to open my arteries. Today is my 196th day since my Heart Attack; I've been fortunate to make a full recovery and get back to running my 5Ks. I still face potential problems in the future, but I refuse to allow Heart disease to control my life! This website is full of great information and I did lots of research since my HA to educate myself on things to discuss with my Cardiologist. I agree with some previous comments about seeing your Doctor as soon as possible and ask as many questions as you have so you know where you stand with your health. They should have discussed possible Cardiac Rehab classes with you that are offered at most Hospitals. Each hospital normally has patient advocate office that can get you additional information you maybe seeking. I'm glad you have a survivors story to share and I wish you the best in your recovery. Feel free to reach out here anytime you have questions...We all support each other in our life changing event. Be fearless in your pursuit for answers from the doctors who provide your care...They are there to serve you, partner with them to find ways to bring your anxiety down and restore a confidence in your abilities. Thanks for sharing Joe
  • GenieLamb

    I, too, had a SCAD right before Christmas, 2017.  I didn't think it sounded to serious until I met with my cardiologist on Friday.  He showed me a chart that depicted what a SCAD is and now I'm scared.  He told me aI needed to do cardio fitness until he saw and understands, that I have a broken pelvis that makes it extremely painful to walk .  He's made a referral to do my cardio at a physical therapy clinic that has a swimming pool.  This way I can exercise without bearing any weight on my joints.  I don't mean this

    to sound like it does but I'm happy that, finally, someone else has had a SCAD on this website.

  • Eaganmo

    Hi Joanne, your post is now two years old. If you see this, I’m wondering how you’re doing. I am 45 years old & had a SCAD heart attack on (the same day two years later!!) April 8th, 2019. Now I also feel like I have a ticking time bomb inside me with all of the emotions you listed. I’m scheduled to start cardiac rehab in a couple of weeks. In the mean time I’m so tired sometimes it’s crazy. I’d love to hear an update from you if you see this. I also live in WA :)

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