Nov 10
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saved grandmas life twice

My own story I will write later.
But, my own grandmother, God rest her soul I loved her so much,on two different occassions she had a heart problem.
Once she had been behaving in a slow fashion. I was aware of that. I followed her to the kitchen as she said she was going to fix cereal. When she got to the counter she started to pass out and she fell backward luckily I was there to catch her. I called 911 and they got her and I followed the ambulance in my car and the hospital looked after her for a few day in ICU and put her on heart meds. I called her sons and one said to ignore her the other told me to go home and not worry. The second time she was passing out and again I caught her and she was non responsive , I called 911. Again followed her to the ER and they admitted and had to perform an emergency pacemaker. I had to be her next of kin on forms and we,gram and I, were scared about the anesthesia. It warned she might not wake up. Anyway, we signed her in and again her sons, one didn't even pick up the phone to talk to me and my uncle told me you should have put her back in bed. She had a successful pacemaker operation. She ultimately passed away from a stroke. I do wish I had been with her when it started to occur. Her friends said she was alive when they sent her to the hospital but unfortunately neither they nor I nor the Drs. knew which kind of stroke and she died. So, it is since then that I learn that you can give a person having a stroke something if you catch it early. I think that it is crucial to get that information out and also that all people in the usa should be taught CPR and the atrial defib machine. I think it should be taught in elementary schools. No one is ever to young to learn how to save a life!
I am resourceful in general. I have also been a disabilities advocate.
Thanks for reading and ((((((HUGS)))))))))
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  • ardenlester00
    I think it awesome that you could have such caring for your grandmother - and you WERE THERE at the moments she needed you! I don't know, for sure, about the time when you don't feel/think you "should have been there" - but, possibly, it was TIME to allow her the event of being in charge of her own "Going Home". That is an event we all must experience on our own...and one that - at the proper moment - we have "Help" beyond ourselves. The exact opposite was seemingly expressed in the above post - where a young man "seems" to be saying, I am so afraid of dying that I want to allow my ego to be expressed - "I'd rather do it my own way!" (Isn't that another way of saying, "I am really afraid of going into an area I know nothing about...and this is how I handle it?". We become "healers" after we experience being healed - and that is beyond our understanding - but we submit to it. Healing comes though us - not from us? I "died" one year ago - the doctors doubted IF there was enough heart muscle left to stitch together the 4 by-passes needed (and aortic valve replaced). They did it, I recovered, and I just spent Saturday evening ballroom dancing for 3 hours - and strength left over to do it again. I turned 80 Wednesday. We are here - until we are not here. But, I am required to take care of this body while here, eh? THEN - I can Go Home!
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