Nov 29
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On Sat, 11/9, I was sitting pm thr coutch with my wifewatching TV.with no warning, pain hie me in the chest like it was beingtorn apart and I couln't catch my. breath. Within a minute or so I told my wife to call 911. The Fire Department and EMTs were here in hardly any time. I don't fully remember everything thar happened then, I was taken to a hospirtal with a full cardio unit. In the ER I had a heart attack, and in no time I was in the cath lab having a stent placed in my LAD artory wich was 100% locked, and angioplasty for 2 other narrow spots in another artery. Now I am toldI have congestive heart failure and that my heart is pumping at 35%. I see my cardio doctor in a little over a week and hopefully will get my cardiac rehab set up. Right now, my energy is very low. Stairs, even ht efew from our appartment, are difficult,, I get short of breath with little movement, and I am only up to 5 minutes for my walks. And Ihaven't begun to deal with all te emotions around this. I am on the other side of the attack, and want to start moving forard with rehab, I'm impatient at the least. -Sara Jean

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  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I can give you the information we have on life post-heart attack. Please know that you are among survivors and that we understand, care and are here to support you! Best Katie

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