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I'm 54 and on mother day my daughter taken me to the hospital and I had a 99 percent blockage to my main left heart. ❤ artery,One doctor told me he felt I had a heart attack sunday mother's day,I had been hurting about 3 months thinking I had shingles and another hospital done no testing @ all when I went in for chest pains, it taken about 3 or trips to the hospital to findly get anything done.I'm feeling ok but really down this I can't believe this is happening to me I feel so alone.

I do not smoke and I really didn't think I was eating that bad but I was told alot of factors goes into having this,doctor said no one needs to be blaming you it's not the time for the blaming game it time for me to enjoy life now.

My boyfriend blamed me and yelled alot after that werk I came home,why will he nit let me rest and recover completely ? I'm really hurt I had been with my bf 5 years this month not one flower or weed from him lol.

  • Vegas

    I hate it when people try to look at the bright side but you have to look at things in a new way.1 Blockages can go undetected even with annual physicals and good health, so not your fault. 2 Your kinda lucky you can get rid of this "boy" in your life now and make sure your in a good relationship. If something really bad happened where you needed him to take care of you you would be really stuck. Plus you don't want your daughter seeing you get mistreated.

    Your not alone but are on your own journey, if you can see a therapist or counselor they might help direct you so the journey is smoother.  

    Take care,

  • yarn007

    Thank you for sharing your story.   I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend.   In my recovery from a HA (3/16) I found in many strange ways there were may more blessing from the HA than there were negatives.   Mind you it took me over a year to figure that out,but it is so true.   What helped me get to the point of view was a lot of soul searching and help from two different therapists I was working with (1 - in cardio rehab and the 2nd one I had been working on other issues).   If you get a chance to go to Cardio Rehab definitely to it.   The people there who are so incredibly supportive in such a tough time in your life.   If they have a therapist on staff take the time and speak with them.   It is so nice to takj to someone who is unbias and non-judgemental help you figure things out.  During this time post HA you will learn a new lifestyle that will help you going forward.  

    One of the things I hope you learn is to stop the blame game.   Heart attacks can happen to anyone!  You are so blessed/lucky to have surived your HA.   There are so many people who aren't as fortunate.   You have a second lease on life and I hope you learn to live it to your fullest!   Sometimes, living it to the fullest means we have to leave behind people who are not going to support us moving forward to a new healthier life.   Many people on here report that people they thought were really friends or significant other turn out not to be the case.   

    When you have time I hope you read the various posts around the site and go into some of the older ones too.   You will find a wealth of information from people who have been through the very same struggles you are having now.   Do remember that you are among friends here so just reach out if you have questions or thoughts you would like to share.   You can do this!   You are stronger than you realize!!


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