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Hello, my name is Wayne Blumberg and I had a stroke a the age of 40 on May 9, 2015.  It was at my place of employment at the time and I remember coming to while the EMT's were there and being asked questions and not be able to answer them but also not knowing why I couldn't answer them.  So that day I had a series of tests done and also the following week.  As the medical process continued I was very humbled and grateful of the tremendous medical care I was receiving all the way down to my last visit at the warfarin clinic.  The next two years I was able to do some soul searching for myself and others that have gone through this same ordeal.  Now I am proud to say I rose up and made the decision to pursue a life of help and guidance for others by deciding to dedicate my life to medicine.  I will be starting my schooling for my ultimate goal of receiving my MD and aiding in Cardiovasular Disease and Stroke research.  I am not doing this just for myself for YOU as well.  You are not alone and together we WILL RISE UP and make every day count!

  • Elizabeth17
    Awesome Wayne! That is the ultimate way to pay it forward! I too had a stroke at 42 at work. I also had a bi-femoral aorta bypass at 53 - due to PAD that was 4 years ago. My greatest wish is that you would specialize in PAD, but if you don't - please remember to ask your patients to take their socks off and check them for PAD - especially if they are current or former smokers. And make all your classmates do it as well!!! Thanks and good luck on your journey!! PS - I went to nursing school at 47 after my stroke and had a 4.0 GPA - you can do it!
  • Lstroy
    Awesome bro, continue your journey Rise up!!!
  • santangelo56

    Awesome. Best of luck and lots of health to you!

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