Sep 22
Mollyrappy , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog


My name is Molly. I had a stroke 7/25. Anyone that knows me was shocked. I was a very healthy athletic person. I am now unable to work, I teach 3 year olds.I have issues with my left side.Not healing very quick very frustrating. How do I acquire patience to get thru this.
  • Scott046
    Hello Molly - I believe the first step of getting through it is doing what you've already done, asking others how to do it. And I don't believe there's any one answer but rather several. As a primary care giver to my wife (an athlete/marathoner) who experienced an Ischemic chronic stroke December 2014, we have experienced much over the past eighteen months. Much love, learning, sacrificing, giving, pain, happiness, hope, promise, support, anger, joy, faith - too many emotions to describe. Faith has been her strength daily and remains today. Other than remaining faithful to our father above we have acquired the patience to get through it this far by doing some of the following: 1). Just asking for help/friends 2). Staying focused on therapy daily 3). Involved with clinical trials 4). Staying involved in church 5). Making goals constantly 6). Working on accepting the new normal the best we can and finding new ways to do things constantly 7). Learning to laugh at ourselves 8). Staying connected in support groups Everyday we experience, learn, laugh, scream and sometimes cry but always keep pushing ahead in the recovery marathon for life (as my wife calls it); what else can we do :-) Best wishes Ms Molly Scott and Angie
  • jfacerbi
    Well stated Scott and Angie, one more thing, if I may, some days will be better than others. On the rough days, pause and rest for a bit, it's really OK. Like exercise, over-reaching often leads to disappointment and frustration. Take it a bit at time and keep moving forward, if needed slow steps, but keep moving. My right-side pontine was last March and I still ups and downs, but I'd say today I'm about 75-80%. It'll get better. Cheers, John
  • gadinaz
    How do I acquire patience to get thru this? Molly, I'm 15 months post stroke. Total left side paralysis, wheelchair bound 4 months post stroke. I now am able to walk 2 to 6 miles. Very good improvement! This week I was able to tie my shoelaces. With all I've accomplished, I still get frustrated when I try to do something I couldn't do before. And I lose my patience. But that is a good thing. Why? Because that is your bodies way of telling you: *** You are trying! *** I look at losing my patience as evidence that I'm still trying.
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