Jun 20
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Reachout: Lets Fight Disease Together

Hello everyone my name is Vanesa Craig. For a period of time I had a family member who has heart disease and undergo bypass operation and only then I saw how hard and painful it is to see your sister suffering from such illness. And I wanted to offer my help and support but because I didn't have that much information about heart problems so I made a research on th web until I discover the app called "reachout.life" and introduce this to her. Since then i can see the happiness on my sisters face now that she has some people who has the same illness as hers, whon she can share her thoughts and emotions. We have been using it not only for heart diseases but for other diseases too, and  suggested it to all of our friends. All of us either we suffer from diseases or know someone that does. So is important to have the right information and support from other people that are going through same circumstances. The app is called "reachout" and you can download it for free. www.reachout.life
  • connectcare
    Thank you. I have multiple challenges (five heart surgeries that all went very badly, died three times, triple-bypass, deformed right toe, therefore balance issues, anoxic brain from loss of oxygen to my brain during codes, a four day hospital stay that turned into 51 days in very critical and guarded condition, dissociation from oxygen loss, PTSD..... and "friends" that tell me to get over it and move on!
  • Bobcat
    I want to share my stories with your reader: The call for independence after stroke! I am author, The Power of I Believe, A book of motivation, encouragement and inspirational thoughts after a stroke, a Christian-themed book written to help stroke survivors and others touched by a disability regain their faith and strength as they recover and move forward with their lives. Though I wrote this book with stroke survivors in mind, the feedback I have received through my blog and Facebook page has shown me that The Power of I Believe is a source of inspiration for anyone who needs it. Everyone experiences doubt at some point—whether in themselves or in God—and this is especially true after a sudden and traumatic event. I know from experience. In December 2006 I experienced a sudden stroke, which left me battling aphasia. As part of my recovery, I returned to the journals I had kept for many years to find the same inspiration that had motivated me throughout my life. Through these meditations, I came to understand The Power of I Believe. Many people who have a stroke simply do not find the motivation they need during recovery. And this is not an experience unique to stroke survivors; anyone struggling with a disability, or even a difficult time in their life, can find it hard to muster the strength they need. The Power of I Believe is written for these people. The Power of I Believe means making the choice to accomplish your goals—it means having the determination to keep striving and the faith to know that you will succeed. In this book I share the thoughts and the inspirations that gave me the determination and faith to keep working to overcome my aphasia and recover from my stroke. My reflections focus on the power of God, the power of faith, and the power of the mind. Through these inspirational words and thoughts and through my faith, I found the personal strength preserve. I am now back riding my bike, playing golf, swimming, and going to the fitness center. While most books for stroke survivors focus on specific exercises and tasks that will help a survivor to recover and regain functioning, The Power of I Believe is focused on instilling the strength and faith necessary during the recovery process. www.robertleefields.com/
  • heartsecrets
    for your heart 2 mg of copper from local vitamin store...check story on "1957 turkey study". then check out website "R-garden" for Vitamin O" , they also sell an oximeter to check your oxygen level, normal is 98%, critical 89%. any more questions send to emshealthtechnology@gmail.com . God bless.
  • Bevrly
    I am glad your sister is doing well. It is important to get in a support group after heart attack or stroke. My husband had a stroke and we joined a stroke support group that really helped him. You are with people with the same problems and often they are able to hep solve problems you have. My husband passed away 7 years ago and I still belong to the stroke support group. It was a great help to us. Beverly
  • Kg
    Hi Vanessa When I was first diagnosed with heart disease I felt so alone, and did not want to burden my family with my then daily worries about the future. I now use this blog to see how others are surviving, and to learn from them the coping skills. I see that this disease affects me daily, I am still working but at limited hours, and feel the effects of the medications as soon as I wake up. So I encourage your sister to check in to the blog based on which type of diagnosis she has for the support and tips of others .
  • vanessacraig
    Thank you guys for sharing your story and giving me advices it is well appreciated! God bless us Vanessa
  • CEEbert
    Hi Vanessa: I like your comment and I appreciate so much you sharing the Reach.Life Application with us. I have already downloaded the app and registered with them. I wholeheartedly believe we must fight together we all need each other . I'm here in the Woodlands, Texas I live in Tennessee. My mother had her heart stroke first off April stayed at hospitals from 9:00AM to 9 Pm. I stayed a week with her at home when I left I promised I would be back in 4 weeks. My question and very concerned is I had a Pest Control company come and spray her home. I had to take everything out of cabinets and pantry this being first treatment and my mother became extremely confused and asked me why all her stuff were in boxes. Why did I do it. Well this is Saturday afternoon and she is not angry at me and talking to me I need some advice on anything one has experienced similar incident. Also, Monday Merry Maids are coming to clean but her house is dirty beyond what I can clean it needs professional cleaners. Any advice I can have mostly appreciated. Thank you, my new friends, Charlotte
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