Nov 3
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RCA Acute MI last week due to atheroscleorosis, got one DES angioplasty

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The story actually began one year ago when during my kidney stone diagnosis, Doc found advanced atherosclerosis. Not long after that I immediately did CAC Calcium test where they found my score is above 500 in my RCD and very small in LAD. I was obese between 2007-2017. Immediately after I found this. I did everything to reduce the risk. I lost completely 80lbs since Nov 2017. My cholesterol is also going down. In fact, 2 weeks before the event, my LDL-C is only at 48 and HDL 48 (TG 58). In the MI event, my LDL was 71. HDL 48 and TG 60. I also learn a lot how to prevent MI.

Monday 10/29 950am, the weather is very cold, when I fill gas to my car I feel a chest pain on the right side  of my chest; my nerves feel very sensitive, can't take cold water..feeling extremely cold, cold sweat....the chest pain is centred on the right chest.
I took aspirin 325mg immediately.

The type of pain is similar when i had pneumonia.....when i arrived at hospital i don't think it is MI. By 1110am i arrived at urgent care and they mentioned it is STEMI heart attack based on ECG, the pain was on a scale of 7....then they immediately give me nitro ...pain level goes lower to level 3 immediately. They give more aspirin and Plavix.

Then they moved me to a different hospital that has all cardiac fac Ility...i got angioplasty or stent catheterization from my wrist....they give me aspirin again and plavix as anti platetet...doc said 100 pct stenosis in in right coronary artery--pretty much same as the atherosclerosis report. It's a plaque rupture. 

One thing I want to add, I passed my stress testing this February (much before the event) so my prev. the cardiologist didn't plan to do angioplasty at that time.....but I found out by reading that any plaque can rupture at any given time.

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