Mar 15
JamesPL , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Quintuple Bypass

I have always been physically active and concientious about my health. I am a runner and have been for 30 years. So when I started to develop mild, occasional chest pains during my early morning runs, I dismissed them. Besides, they only occurred once in a while. Then one morning I experienced a pain that literally felt like I was stabbed in the chest. Stopped me in my tracks and scared the living day lights out of me. Still, I didn't see a doctor until the next day. EKG led to a nuclear stress test. The first thing I was told after the stress test was that I Aced it and not too many people can do that. As I was thinking my heart is fine, I was being told I have a blockage and will probably need a stent and that I should do it this week. I struggled with this as I sensed it might be worse. My fears were realized when, during the catherization, I was told three out of four of the major arteries going to my heart are severely blocked and we need to consult a surgeon. Talk about being brought down to earth. A week later, I had the bypass surgery. I was told depression is common with these things but I ignored that and became anxious to get back into physical shape. I started rehab a month later and was running again within a few weeks. I do get nervous about things from time to time but I believe that comes with the territory.
  • renato
    Good, very good, me too have had 3 by pass surgery,at age 59 after a casual heart control (stress test ) I got out the hospital in a 5 days. I refused the rehab, i did it on my way going to the sea side in Sicily and starting to swim slowly again. plus long walks every day. Continue to do what you are doing,eat correctly be positive and listen to you body speaking with it. Ciao Renato
  • eichardthestentman
    Ive had quintuple bypass as well. Fifty two per cent of people undergoing this operation (which they call a Cabbage and in our case Cabbage times 5) has severe depression. I did. Nothing to do with new circumstances in my life, its just a biochemicsl reaction and can last up to a year. Stop running start walking I now walk 7-10 miles a dsy, lost 50 lb snd am in the best shape of my life Richard
  • prowallace
    I am so impressed by your stories. I can't imagine how you must felt almost betrayed that here you were being physical and trying to be healthy and to find out that you had blockage and needed quintuple bypass! I would love to encourage you that it is not that you are to blame. It is not your fault, Truth is that if you weren't taken such good care of yourself you probably wouldn't have survived it. Many people just have a heart attack and die. You survived! That's because you did have some healthy habits. I would love to talk to you on our TV show and for you inspire others with your story. Please reach out to me if you are interested. We have lots of stories of amazing survivors like you and we welcome talking to someone who survived quintuple bypass! Congratulations.
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