May 19
EileenC , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Question about alcohol septal ablation procedure

Aloha, Doctors are considering doing a procedure on my heart called Alcohol Septal Ablation, mainly because of an enlarged muscle in my left ventricle that is causing blood flow problems and too high a pressure gradient in the heart.   It involves cutting off the blood flow from a branch of an artery to cause the muscle to atrophy and reduce pressure.   Does anyone have any experience with this procedure?   I would appreciate learning all that I can about it.   Thanks!


  • Maryf46
    I had it done in April 2002 in Houston, TX at the Methodist Hospital there, by the man that came up with the concept he is retired now and living in North Carolina. His practice was in Houston and North Carolina and in Houston is where they do a lot of their researches and experiments. The only side effect I have is a pinch nerve in my right thigh that goes numb every so often! They do not put you to sleep, you are given a local so you are in and out of it during the procedure and so you are aware of what is going on during most of it and it is not terrifying at all, for I wasn't before the procedure, during, or after and I was only 32 years old. They are talking to you during the whole time and you can see the monitor to watch the procedure if you want to, I did, it was fascinating the parts I was awake for! So no you do not have anything to be scared about! They go up your groin to your heart and make you have a heart attack and they cut away what the damage is done, the reason for this is to help them see the damage area a lot easier! You don't feel anything and you are in the ICC for a day and then on a regular floor for a day than you go home! Good Luck! Mary
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thankyou for this question and for sharing with us. Here is what i found on about Treatments/Prevention. Please let me know if this helps! Katie
  • EileenC
    Thank you!
  • Free2Day
    Oh my goodness! Give you a "heart attack"! You really don't need any part of your heart damaged. They can't control the pressures with medication? Jeff
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