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Prinzmetal's Angina

I have been dealing with spasms for years.  I have had many heart caths. I have several stints, had several heart attacks, and they have also seen some
impressive spasms with the cardiologist confirming I have Prinzmetal's Angina.  I am faithful with my medications and have a great cardiologist. I am really struggling with getting my spasms under control currently.  I don't have any of the normal reasons for these spasm.  Is there a cardiologist that specializes in Prinzmetal's
Angina?  I also have read up on a proceedure called sympathectomy.  I am seeking more information on this also.

  • michellemcalister33
    I'm sorry honey, I'm not a doctor. I'm a disabled person with a lot of health issues myself trying to find answers. I so wish I could help you with this problem but like I said ,I'm not a doctor. I will be praying for you though! I pray that you find the answers to all your problems! From one suffering disabled person to another! I pray for god to walk with you and heal what ever your having trouble with! I'm right there with you honey!
  • AHA Volunteer Moderator Michael C
    AHA Volunteer Moderator Michael C,
    I get spams but they called them coronary artery spasms. I believe it's about the same thing. I don't think there's a whole lot they can do for them. I've noticed that my spasms are worse when a weather change is coming. I used to get weather migraines but since all my heart stuff started I now get chest pains instead. I too take my meds as directed and recently had my isosorbide dose doubled. it's a time release nitrate. it helps but not 100%. I don't know what to tell you. I can go to the gym or work around the house and it doesn't bother me but during periods of rest it will act up. especially during the night and upon waking. I hate it and it scares the bejeezubs out of my wife. if they last more than a few minutes straight I take a nitrostat tab under my tongue and it kills the pain. that's just my case and may not apply to yours and I hope you can find relief. I hate it but what can I do?
  • Emmer
    It sounds just like what I have been having. Severe chest pain that wakes me up from a sound sleep. I, too have had many heart cath, no blockages what so ever. Dr keeps telling me my case is "unique " in that I have all the symptoms of a heart attack but no blockages. The heart attack enzyme is present in blood work as well. I will see what he says about Prinze metals angina.
  • YukonDenison

    2018 updating Prinzmetal Angina, a variant angina, condition.

    2% of our USA population seem to live with Prinzmetal Angina. Many Cardiologists don't  understand arterial anginal spasms, major and microvascular. Some of us have major cardiac attacks because of untreated or poorly treated variant angina. It wasn't until my third cardiac catherization, that a different cardiologist began the team work to learn more about my combination of cardiac obstructive disease which gained me two Right Coronary Artery stents AND the Prinzmetal Angina, now labelled Coronary Artery Spasm (CAS) cardiac condition. Being taught to go to the hospital with chest pain has included one community endemic bronchitis episode, and another Esophageal Spasm observation admission. Some abnormal proteins interfere with my Emergency Cardiac Enzyme tests so that my Troponin test results cruise at 2. As a retired clinical lab tech, I never regarded troponin enzyme tests definitive unless there were at least one more interval-timed Troponin enzyme test. Sometimes the second test of a series is never found in my patient records. The recent visit's request to send a blood sample for a definitive HS-CnT-troponin test to a local reference lab provided a result about 2 days later because they batch the samples to test Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The ED physician in consultation with the on-call cardiologist usualy admits me as a Medicare Observation inpatient. I then am treated to a constantly changing hospitalist who never consults with my primary physican, an on-call cardiogist from my cardiac clinic, and a Johnny-See More cardiac monitor gown! Why don't those gowns just tie in the front? My second cardiac rehabilitation referral got put on hold with the Espophageal Spasm reaction to iodine-contrast CT media and a high dose of Prednisone and the Doxycycline antibiotic for a pesky Urinary Tract Infection. This week's influenza infection postponed the Digestive Disease consult for the Esophageal Spasm attack. I hope for better health!


    out facebook support group 'coronary artery spasm (prinzmetal's angina) support group' has many of us treated all over and know of Cardiologusts inlocal areas. Many also go to Mayo MN, Cedar-Sinia, Cleveland Clinic, and other places of note all over the world. Please do join us. 

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