Aug 16
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Post Open Heart Surgery

Six weeks ago i Received maze, repaired mitral and another valve, bypass X 2.  What are common post surgery symptoms? 
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  • AHA Ambassador Christine
    AHA Ambassador Christine,
    I am Dabear - good evening. As a survivor of a repaired mitral valve myself, I can attest to many post surgical symptoms that I experienced. I will state this however with the understanding that every body is unique and different. What I may have gone through, you may or may not experience. If anything does not feel right to you, follow up and seek medical advice as soon as possible. Initially, I was very lightheaded, had low blood pressure and needed an extra bag of blood while recovering in the hospital. I also suffered from fluid buildup around my heart which resulted in a thoracentesis (lung tap) , atrial flutter (rapid heart beat) and swollen legs/ankles. Upon being released from the hospital, I experienced continued lightheaded, fatigue and bouts of rapid heartbeats. This resulted in me receiving 3 cardio versions and eventually a cardiac Catheter ablation to treat the atrial flutter / a fib. I hope these helped answer your questions re post surgery symptoms. Again, keep in mind that every body is different and what may be common to me, may differ for someone else. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions and I'm happy to help. In the meantime you may also reference: for the informational pdf captioned - what happens after heart surgery.
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