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Well I had my incident on July 7th of 2016, I am an active runner and swimmer, eat well and do all I can to take care of myself- I was only 47 years old when this happened and had a lot of stress before this event, my wife had just finished a yearlong fight with breast cancer, and I made the mistake of trying to handle all of the stress on my own, taking care of our two young kids and being the support I needed to be for her.  My event as I call it happend one week after her final surgery and us being told she would be okay.

I did not have any symptoms other than heart burn, I thought it was from all the spicy food I had been eating that week, I did have a hard time working out that week, just could not seem to do it, something just did not feel right. On the night of the incident, I woke up with a real burning in my chest. I woke my wife who had just had surgery so was a little out it, I told her I need to go to the hospital, she said I should just take a nap and deal with it in the morning. Something told me I had to go. I got up and chewed on an aspirin (not sure why). I drove myself to the hospital which is about a mile from my home. (one of the dumbest but best things I have ever done in my life) I was lucky to find a parking place right in front of the ER. I walked up to the counter, said I think I am having a bad case of heart burn or a heart… Then collapsed on the floor, pulseless and breathless. 4 minutes of CPR and two different rounds of being shocked they got me back, about a minute later I went pulseless again and another 2 minutes of CPR and another round of being shocked. They were able to get me back a 2nd time. I was sent to the cath lab where they found the cause, a 100% blockage of the LAD. They placed two stents. They told my wife they were unsure how I would be because of the time I was pulseless.

I woke up a day later, in the ICU on a vent and on a heart pump. I was taken off the vent about a hour after I woke up. I could remember nothing but walking into the ER, I spent a week in the ICU and a couple of days on the floor.  I had so many people tell me just how lucky I was.

A few months ago I had my echo and was told that my heart had recovered with no damage. I was told by the doctors that it was a true miracle I was alive and doing so well. Today I doing amazing, running and swimming again like never before.

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  • TickingPain2

    Wow, that was the voice of God getting you there for sure!  I am very similar, (without the scary no pulse thingy), in that I have been a work-out addict for most of my life.  Runner of marathons, till knees said to stop.  I moved to only the hardwood basketball court and treadmill for cardio.  Weights, and BB 4 days a week.  I congratulate, and I am jealous of you on being able get back to the activities you love.  It is sooo hard to not be able to do the workouts now.  It is ironic that everything the experts tell us to do, were the things we were doing...except addressing the stress.  I thought eating right, doing resistance training, running 2 hours of basketball 3 days a week would counter the stress.  Not so.  My event happen one hour into my workout...could not catch my breath.  After 3-4 weeks of hearing there is nothing wrong...my numbers were perfect for them, but not right for me.  Pulse went from rest 35 to rest of 90.  Blood preasure went up etc.  I knew I was not right.  Finally they did Angio found 90% LAD blockage.  The story continue from there but I am still working to get back to my life...just need to figure this thing out with angina continuing after 2 stents and a bypass over the last 10 months.  Be well and we are no longer able to sweat the little or big things.:)

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