May 13
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One Month since my Stroke

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**It has been one month since I had my stroke in the wee hours of 4/7/2018.  I was petrified.  I've since created a website to assist in my healing process -   I live alone and had not given thought to all the "what ifs" in how to contact someone if there's an emergency.  Both the stroke and the feeling of being helpless still haunt me.  Here's the beginning of my story as it is written on my website.  Please do visit as I keep updating the journey and post information on technology which will allow you to contact 911 and stroke awareness/prevention**

What do you do when given a second chance at life? 

My story is one that still gives me pause and brings tears to my eyes.   I remember sitting there thinking, “Is this how I go?  Is this what happens to me?  Is this how my story ends?”

California continued to get rain late into Spring of 2018.  Not just small sprinkle-type rain but the much needed heavy, solid rain required to further reverse the drought from previous years.   I work for an amazing tech company located here in San Jose.   Had gone IPO just the year before and being still in the start-up mode of fast and furious, there’s never a dull moment and much to get done.  I’m a Program Manager for the most amazing SW Team I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with prior.   The team is located both onshore and offshore and staying on top of deliverables, especially weeks before a 15-month program was scheduled to complete, required some long hours.

Working through the Thursday, April 5 and well into the night,  I chose to stay home on this cold and rainy Friday.   There were back-to-back meetings starting at 8:30am and ending around 5pm.  Figured I’d take advantage of being home and once the last meeting was complete would curl up with a fluffy, warm blanket.  I have this family room which has a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and you can easily hear the rain sometimes pounding – but mostly steadily dancing on the roof.   It’s a perfect rhythmic sound to lull anyone to sleep much less my sleep-deprived body.   I turned on the TV to “Frankie & Grace” (had already binged watched all of the episodes so decided to start at the beginning again) and put the recliner up and settled under the warm blanket.   I must have fallen asleep immediately.

Awake.  Had this feeling of coming out of a foggy, deep sleep to a room in which a TV was asking if I’m still there.  It felt late but I wasn’t aware of the time.  This isn’t the first time I’d fallen asleep like this so didn’t think much of it.  Realized I needed to go to the bathroom so thought perfect timing, will go and then crawl into bed.   Used my left hand to lower the recliner, sat there a moment to collect myself…. okay now ready to execute the “go to bed” plan.  Easy right?  Nothing unusual about this simple command you’d give your body to climb out of the chair on a normal night.

I’m not sure when it first hit me that I was in trouble.  At first I didn’t understand why I couldn’t shimmy my body towards the edge of the recliner.  Feet were on the floor, check.  Body was able to move, kinda.  When did my left hand stop working?   First moment I noticed was when I went to reach for my cellphone which sat on the left arm of my recliner.   Slowly the realization that something was very wrong with my left side took hold of me.

Okay Terri, you need to call 911...

...please visit "My Journey" for the rest of the story.  God bless!

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  • Vegas

    Had to finish the story and tried to leave a comment on your site but it thinks I'm a bot lol. Glad your on the mend and hope everything is going okay. With your tech background you might find disabled interesting, they help people with disabilities play video games. Also, Accidental Genius a piece by great big story on Youtube about stroke and head injury savants  is interesting. The responces to the struggling with stroke post are good, and maybe give my disabled union post a look.


    Take care

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