Oct 4
Maggybrown , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

One Heart Among Many. My Call to Go Red

When people ask me about my heart surgeries I usually just say one word. Five. As in five heart surgeries. The first one was at eight weeks old and the last was one year ago at 27. In between those there were three more surgeries and a stroke.


Emotionally speaking going through things like this is a mixed bag. It obviously sits in the back of your mind. And the scars from the surgery make it impossible to ignore 100%. However living in fear is simply not an option for me or for every other woman going  through the same thing. At the end of the day it is what it is. What I went through made me stronger and the woman that I am. For better or for worse I’m still here.   


So many women silently suffer from heart conditions. By the time you are done reading this three more women will have died. For the millions of women out there that have survived like I have, knowing there is a group of like minded people such as Go Red can be the inspiration we need to just keep going.


As women we have the unique ability to understand, help, and propel each other through hardship. Go Red provides an incredible platform for which we can achieve this. But it doesn’t happen because we’re women. It doesn’t happen simply because Go Red exists. It happens because we are survivors. It happens because we decide to make it happen.


I will leave you with one final thought. While yes we have each other, even more importantly we have ourselves.


Be who you are and don’t ever let anything ever stop that.

  • ActiveLarry
    Maggie, so what is or are the issues with your heart ? For strokes and stents, anti-oxidanrs and high thiamine foods make a big difference to slow or stop progression of blockages and origin of new ones. They are not a simple fix like surgery. Daily in the diet is best. This is only news in the non-research community. The benefits of pomegranate are not to be underestimated, but it is not a fix for anything surgical. But research indicates it is extremely valuable in the diet. GO RED is almost code for eat red fruits. Pomegranates seem to have a built in crown. Not without reason !
  • mingo1
    You hit it on the head Maggie! I am a many years heart attack survivor and doing great. Sure, I think about that 1993 day at times and see the lump in my chest with a defibrillator, but the main thing is that I am still doing the best I can. Thinking of yourself is really important and knowing that everything will be good. Thank God for all the procedures they can do to make life even better. My full support for you and all the women out there. I volunteer at the AHA and Go Red for sure!
  • Rancharm
    You are truly an inspiration to the cause I will go Gored. And share with others . God bless you
  • AHA Ambassador Christine
    AHA Ambassador Christine,
    Hi Maggie - well said. I am very active in my local GRFW chapter as well. My platform is to fight with heart and that is certainly what you have been doing through your journey. Continue to keep the positive outlook - and keep fighting with heart , one beat at a time! Go Red!❤️
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