Sep 27
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

One Day on My way to Hip Replacement Surgery

Wow, I thought I was in fair health except I needed my left hip replaced (years of heavy dead lifts). I was having my doctors practice giving the okay to have the surgery. Step one ECG, oops there is something their but don't worry we will do an echo test oops there is something their don't worry we will have the cardio doctor check you out. Doctor reads the prior results and said we will do a stress test oops don't worry we will do a heart cath.

%u200BThe "fun" begins. I have the cath at the hospital (no oops this time) I am admitted the next day I have two arteries replaced (one they could not do anything with) my heart stops my lung collapses I develop pneumonia they could not control my heart rate raced me to another hospital and thank goodness it worked,  they put in a pacemaker/defib.  9 days later my beat up body was sent home. My taste buds left and I lost 30lbs. Don't that sound like "fun".

%u200BMy first visit to my cardio doctor I shook his hand and thanked him for saving my life. " Save your life, Hell we almost killed you."

%u200BTwo years later I have my new hip I go to the gym 6 days a week (thank God for the dedicated rehab team) my rested pulse has gone from 80 to 55.

%u200BCongestive heart failure has really changed this NC boys. Any help or tips would be great. Plus anything for circulation (natural) causing ED?
  • mingo1
    I am glad that you are doing so well. I had a heart attack in 1993 and have a 28% ejection fraction and a defibrillator. I can still do just about everything and have had a few hiccups, but easily fixed. I have also had several hip replacements. The first doctor really botched things up and I have had several replacements. Not hitting the golf ball as far, but I keep doing all the things that I want. The only problem that I really had with congestive heart failure was a sudden breathing problem due to having pneumonia that I really did not know about. I had a little wheezing, but nothing else. Just listen to your body and if anything like that occurs, see your doctor. It always helps to be careful. Keep up the good work.
  • User60097
    Update: I am continuing to go to the gym 6 days a week with my workouts getting stronger. I finished a 5k walk this past Saturday (my hip did not like the journey). I am continuing to fight the battle with sodium and my congestive heart failure. It is difficult to give up a lot of good foods from the past. I am attending a support group for my heart device and that has helped me a lot! We had a good session on depression in relation to having a heart device. It was very well done with a lot of answers. July 26th will be three years!!
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