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Not your typical heart attack patient

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I'm a runner and exercise enthusiast. I have eatten healthy my entire adult life (cheat once a week on the weekends), yet at 52 I had a heart attack. July 14th 2019 while running,my arms felt numb and pain throughout the muscles from forearms into biceps. My chest started to feel heavy but I have asthma so didn't think much about it. Cooled down but the discomfort continued. Eventually the discomfort dissipated but returned on and off over the next four days. On Sunday (4 days after initial symptoms) I decided to go to the ER. 

At the ER and preliminary exam, I looked great on paper, blood pressure perfect, EKG perfect, even my heart rate was about 60 (usually in the low 50s) and so on. The ER doctor was amazing, he initially thought pinched nerve, disc in my neck causing the discomfort but did blood work just to be sure. The doctor came into the ER exam room with a shocked look on his face. He told me my blood was positive for troponin. I was like that's good right? No!!! Very bad my levels were at 18 positive for a heart attack. 

I was immediately admitted and a cardiac catheterization was scheduled for the next day. I was shocked, I did everything right my entire adult life, workout, watch my diet, don't smoke, not much of a drinker (although I do enjoy a flavored martini or margarita once in a while).  I kept thinking there had to be a mistake. The catheerization showed no blockage, none. Once again my heart is heathy so what's up with the heart atrack? 

I've had several test since (showing no reason for the heart attack) and now have a cardiologist and hehenatologist, didn't think I needed either but apparently I was wrong. Life is crazy sometimes.  I was petrified to run and workout but I had to put that fear aside. It's something I love doing. I've put many miles under my feet since that day in July 2019 and still I have no answers as to why it happened. My cardiologist has said to me he looks at everything but blood and I'm his healthiest patient but still, there it is, I had a heart attack. I'm now on meds to prevent another but life has returned to normal. I write this because I'm not the stereotypical heart attack survivor. This can happen to ANYONE. I am walking proof. Don't ignore symptoms just have it checked out. 

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  • Cbkesq

    In my story I mention I have a cardiologist and hehenatologist. I have no idea how that got there, lol. Should say a cardiologist and hematologist. 

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